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Friday, December 08, 2006

Why I Hate Baseball (Right Now)

I feel like I'm the last baseball fan on Earth sometimes. Over the years, you hear it all. "Basketball has cooler stars, football is more exciting and competitive, hockey has fights, soccer is the beautiful world-unifying game, curling is cool... " I'd always dismiss it and go back to my Mariners. I'd argue with the guys that said baseball is boring and outdated because I really believed baseball was a great sport. A great sport with more history, class, drama, excitement and skill than any other sport I'd experienced. (I've yet to see goat pulling first hand in Uzbekistan, however.)


What can I do with Gil Meche, Ted Lilly and JD Drew all nabbing RIDICULOUS contracts (assuming one doesn't already generally think paying an entertainer millions of dollars is ridiculous) but get a little cynical? 5 years, $55 million for Meche? 4 years, $40 million for Lilly? 5 years, $70 million for Drew? Are you unprintable swear-ing kidding me? This is killing my love for baseball. A part of my baseball love died in '94 with the strike. Another bit died knowing Bonds, Big Mac and obvious others were juiced during the climax of their careers.

The Mariners have done their darnedest to kill my love for baseball as well--most recently trading a good reliever for a bad starter. How does that make sense? I could go out there and suck throwing left-handed too. I just wouldn't get paid 10 million a year to do it. Should've stuck with it. I guess that's what really makes me mad.

At least I have a few memories to tide me over 'till the insanity ends. Or maybe I'll remember the Seahawks are 8 and 4 and football the superior sport. Or maybe sports aren't everything, especially on a day like today...

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At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Jacob said...

I do and don't feel bad for the Royals. Didn't someone tell them he sucks? What about an 11-8 record with a 4.8 something ERA makes him worth more money than it takes to buy a small island in the Pacific. Our only consolation can be that there are GM's as stupid or more stupid than ours.

At 10:34 AM, Blogger nach said...

Meche was once our top prospect and on the fastrack to the #1 slot. I remember being excited about him. Then he kept getting hurt and missing the strike zone. But at least there's that initial promise to look back on and milk for millions of dollars.

GMing has got to be a hard job--you're held responsible for a lot that's out of your control (like injuries)... but some moves make you wonder if they're on the same planet...

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous jacob said...

Way to go SuckHawks. There goes the #2 seed


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