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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Suck-hawks Football

I've been thinking the Seahawks are just about to shift from 3rd into 4th and finally accelerate and hit 5th in the post season. We've got Matt and Shawn back, Stevens is healthy and allegedly an asset, Jackson and the rest of the recievers are having a great season and Spencer was back at center today... all signs pointing to today being a great day on the football field.

Instead, the 'Hawks shifted from third to reverse as the were merging into the passing lane causing the engine to leap out of the hood in an ugly mess. HGTTG readers know what I'm getting at.

Who lets the Cardinals force FOUR fumbles?

Who gets shown up by the Cardinals offensive line?

Who lets them convert a bazillion (roughly) third downs?

Who goes three and out in the clutch?

Who came up a yard short... TWICE?!

Well, maybe the Seahawks will finally wake up and play like they can. Maybe. I've got a ton of reasons to be optimistic, but I'm getting tired of waiting for them to freakin' win the games they're supposed to. Instead of clinching the division and building some momentum towards the end of the season, we lay the biggest turd I've every seen.
We don't deserve the 2nd seed.
We don't deserve any respect untill we play like the defending NFC champs.

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At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was @ dinner for this one.
What the f*&! is going on with the Hawks?



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