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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Seahawks vs. Broncos

Since no one else is apparently going to comment on the upcoming game around here... here are a few of my thoughts. Unorganized, grammarless, half-cocked and without research; here they are:

Tomorrow's game has transformed from a tough game on the road (and thus an understandable loss) into... a golden opportunity on the road. If we think we've got a shot at the #2 seed this is a must win. 8 and 4 looks a lot better than 7 and 5... a game away from mediocrity.

The bad: Don't get me wrong, the 'Hawks have historically sucked (too lazy for actual stats) in Denver. Actually, the 'Hawks have historically sucked pretty much everywhere that's not Qwest Field. The fact that Denver's defense has been slipping all month and they'll be breaking in a brand new quarterback doesn't negate the fact that Seattle will still have to STOP THE RUN to win. Which, I think they can do with the injuries that have slowed the Bells. However, the Broncos have a pretty good o-line and our secondary and linebackers have had trouble tackling lately. Plus, you never know with a new QB. Not every good thing in football is planned.

Also, the Seahawks have come up lacking in every big game they've played this year. In our 4 biggest games (Chicago, Kansas City and St. Louis twice) we've a 2 and 2 record. Winning by a collective 4 points over the mediocre Rams and losing by a whopping 38 points to the Bears and Chiefs. Moreover, our wins seem to come against unimpressive teams like Arizona, Oakland, Detroit and Green Bay. Our one respectable win is against the Giants, who are fading fast at the moment.

The good: Even with horrible losses to San Francisco and Minnesota we're still 7 and 4. We haven't had Hassbleback and Alexander in the backfield since week three and we're still 7 and 4. The stats are skewed for the Hawks this season. With all the injuries there are no trends that mean anything for the season as a whole. You have to take each game on its own. This time we've got Hassleback and Alexander back and up to speed. That is why I'm optimistic about this game.

Hassleback vs. untested rookie + Alexander vs. injured Bells = victory in my mind. But the games aren't played in my mind and Denver's D could prove me wrong by showing up in a big way and scoring some points of their own. But I think it's far more likely the Seahawks will be the ones chasing a green QB around and forcing HIM to make mistakes--especially if the 'Hawks score first.

Bottom line: If the 'Hawks protect the ball, they win. 28 - 17. Sorry Lisa... and by "sorry" I mean "Eat my Seahawks-striped undershorts!"

After Party: Actually, talking of the post-season, end of the season record and all that makes me uncomfortable because the floor could still fall out from under the Seahawks. I've raised my hopes before... I'm thinking of a 6 and 2 team that finished 8 and 8. That still hurts. Seattle's got the talent to be 11 and 5 or 12 and 4 this season... but will they execute?

Tomorrow's victory is pre-dedicated to all the Seattle DB's who slowed Elway as much as an evening mayfly hatch slows my car's windshield. Spelling mistakes? Also as numerous in my writings as bugs on a summer windshield.

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