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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Playoff Picture: Week 14... plus more!

I like how an inordinate amount of our posts generally consist of apologizing for them not being insanely long pieces of brilliance... as if there are actually many readers out there who are like, "What? The Scientific Method was only 400 words? Woe is life! I will eat my Easy Mac while sobbing desperately!"

Anyways, no such apologies from me. I already know most of my posts are lame. Like this one.

Speaking of which, how about the Mariners? It would be more interesting if some of these rumors actually happened. I think all of us as M's fans are far more used to trade possibilities never happening (see: entire Stand Pat regime), but it seems like some of these actually make sense.

For example, take that Manny for Putz/Jones rumor. Boston gets a terrific young prospect and one of the best closers in baseball. We get an aging slugging superstar. To me, it's an example of a win/win. Now, throwing in Clement would be stupid, and if we gave Boston Jason Varitek AND Jeff Clement I would start hurting small defenseless animals out of rage.

I'm not entirely sure why San Francisco is so into Richie Sexson that they would consider giving up Noah Lowry, but I'm not going to complain if it's legit.

I do apologize to Dr. D, USSM, and LL for the refreshes yesterday and today. It's habit... and I'm bored.

Ok. Back to football and a big week for the Scientific Method.

Week 13 Results:
Scientific Method: 12-4 (would have been 13-3 if he'd listened to me about Arizona over St Louis)
Petey Prisco: 9-7
Bill Simmons: 10-6

Season Standings:
Scientific Method: 121-71
Petey Prisco: 120-72
Bill Simmons: 104-88

And the Scientific Method jumps back into the lead... this is going to be as exciting as any of the playoff hunts. In my opinion, the "Scientific Method" at this point should just be mimicking Petey's picks to solidify the victory, but I'm sure Colin wants to "earn" it, like there's a prize for winning other than not having me make fun of you.

The playoff picture itself? Getting odder by the second. The number of teams who are absolutely blowing games is a bit frustrating for many fans, I'm sure. I have to say I like it. Parity might equal mediocrity, but with the number of flat out awful teams from last season I don't mind the change.


1. Indianapolis (10-2... 7-1 conference record)
2. San Diego (10-2... 8-2 conference record)
3. Baltimore (9-3... 6-2 conference record)
4. New England (9-3... 5-3 conference record)
5. Cincinnati (7-5)
6. NY Jets (7-5)

Ok. Here's the deal. There are five 7-5 teams. Denver (7-3 conf), Kansas City (3-5), Jacksonville (4-4), NY Jets (5-4), and Cincinnati (5-3). Tiebreaker rules state that when there is a tie, first you select the highest team in one division.

That would be Denver and Kansas City, who split the head-head. The #2 tiebreaker is games played within the division. Denver has a 3-2 AFC West record, KC is at 3-1. So KC gets the nod. Now, against everyone else the head-head sweep doesn't mean much. Next is conference record. To me, that means Cincinnati gets the first wild card.

For WC #2, again KC gets the seed over Denver. That means the NY Jets have the edge... and as of right now my prediction regarding the Broncos is right on.

And Kansas City? Man, way to blow it. Both Denver and KC were in the playoffs as of last week...

As for the division leaders, the Colts still have the edge with their schedule, but that run defense... woof. San Diego also is starting to be fairly Indy-esque in only squeaking out wins against bad teams.

Indianapolis - at Jacksonville, vs Cincinnati, at Houston, vs Miami
San Diego - vs Denver, vs Kansas City, at Seattle, vs Arizona
Baltimore - at Kansas City, vs Cleveland, at Pittsburgh, vs Buffalo
New England - at Miami, vs Houston, at Jacksonville, at Tennessee
Cincinnati - vs Oakland, at Indianapolis, at Denver, vs Pittsburgh
NY Jets - vs Buffalo, at Minnesota, at Miami, vs Oakland

Denver - at San Diego, at Arizona, vs Cincinnati, vs San Francisco
Kansas City - vs Baltimore, at San Diego, at Oakland, vs Jacksonville
Jacksonville - vs Indianapolis, at Tennessee, vs New England, at Kansas City

I thought Baltimore would have blown a couple more for the Bengals to grab the division lead, but now Cincy has to really hang on. This home game against Oakland sure better not even be close for them to keep pace. These teams can only afford one loss to stick around.


1. Chicago (10-2)
2. New Orleans (8-4... 7-1 conference record)
3. Seattle (8-4... 6-3 conf record)
4. Dallas (8-4... 5-3 conf record)
5. NY Giants (6-6)
6. Philadelphia (6-6)

This is getting confusing. Instead of five 7-5 teams, there are four 6-6 teams... NY Giants (5-3 conf), Philly (5-3), Atlanta (4-4) and Carolina (4-5). Now, this is a lot easier, since these four only come from two divisions. The Giants have the head to head win over Philadelphia, and Atlanta over Carolina (both sets have games later in the year). With the Giants also beating Atlanta earlier in the season, the first WC seed is theirs. The second WC then is between Philly and Atlanta, and since they end the season against one another, it comes to conference record and to Philadelphia.

I'm sure there are some rules that will show me I'm wrong, but that's how I see it in both divisions. That also would make it an easy first win for Seattle if it should end up this way, because there's no way I see us losing to Philadelphia in Seattle.

Of course, all eyes here are on next week's showdown between New Orleans and Dallas. Since New Orleans has the tougher schedule, I'll be cheering them on.

Chicago - at St Louis, vs Tampa Bay, at Detroit, vs Green Bay
New Orleans - at Dallas, vs Washington, at NY Giants, vs Carolina
Seattle - at Arizona, vs San Francisco, vs San Diego, at Tampa Bay
Dallas - vs New Orleans, at Atlanta, vs Philadelphia, vs Detroit
NY Giants - at Carolina, vs Philadelphia, vs New Orleans, at Washington
Philadelphia - at Washington, at NY Giants, at Dallas, vs Atlanta

Carolina - vs NY Giants, vs Pittsburgh, at Atlanta, at New Orleans
Atlanta - at Tampa Bay, vs Dallas, vs Carolina, at Philadelphia
San Francisco - vs Green Bay, at Seattle, vs Arizona, at Denver
St Louis - vs Chicago, at Oakland, vs Washington, at Minnesota
Minnesota - at New Orleans, vs NY Jets, at Green Bay, vs St Louis

Which games are on the schedule?

Week 14
Baltimore at Kansas City... the Chiefs after blowing last week need this one
Indianapolis at Jacksonville... can the Jaguars maintain their pace in the WC chase?
NY Giants at Carolina... obviously huge
Denver at San Diego... must win for the Broncos
New Orleans at Dallas... go Saints!

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At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not root for the Cowboys this week? If the Saints lose and the Hawks win, Seattle will move up to the second seed!

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

Yeah, except we still have to play San Diego, and Dallas has a pretty easy schedule after New Orleans. They could easily go undefeated. If New Orleans wins, they will more than likely lose again.


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