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Friday, December 08, 2006

The (Once Again Lame) Scientific Method: Week 14

Finals are over on Wednesday. You know what that means.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay, seriously, might be one of the worst teams I have ever seen. Honestly, the Raiders are better than they are, because they, at least, have a great defense.
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Baltimore at Kansas City
What, you mean the Ravens offense might suck?
Scientific Pick: Kansas City

Indianapolis at Jacksonville
Amazing how mortal Indy looks right now, but, c'mon....
Scientific Pick: Indy

Minnesota at Detroit
Again, the only unit on the field I trust is the Minny defense.
Scientific Pick: Minnesota

New England at Miami
This is Tom Brady's personal house of horrors.
Scientific Pick: New England

NY Giants at Carolina
The Giants have to win a game at some point, while I'm done with Carolina
Scientific Pick: NY Giants

Oakland at Cincinnati
Another win here, and Cincy is solidly in the playoff race, especially with Cutler in Denver
Scientific Pick: Cincy

Philadelphia at Washington
Washington is another of those teams that I flee
Scientific Pick: Philly

Tennessee at Houston
What about those Titans? I pick them to win, finally.
Scientific Pick: Tennessee

Green Bay at San Francisco
Crap versus Crapola.
Scientific Pick: San Francisco

Seattle at Arizona
Gavin and I will be loud and proud in the stands for this one.
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Buffalo at NY Jets
Man, can the Jets actually do this?
Scientific Pick: NY Jets

Denver at San Diego
So...... can Jake Plummer still play quarterback? Mulligan?
Scientific Pick: San Diego

New Orleans at Dallas
A nice story coming out of New Orleans. But, no.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

Chicago at St. Louis
I love it when the Rams suck. And they do. They suck.
Scientific Pick: Chicago

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