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Friday, December 01, 2006

(Lame) Scientific Method: Week 13

Lame because I have no time. Again, I apologize. If you want to come over here and write this thirty page paper for me, be my guest.

Arizona at St. Louis
Call me crazy, but Arizona sucks.
Scientific Pick: St. Louis

Atlanta at Washington
Suddenly Jason Campbell completes like eight balls, they win, and everyone believes they can beat Atlanta? Man, Michael Vick must really suck. Oh, wait.....
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Detroit at New England
Um..... yeah......
Scientific Pick: New England

Indianapolis at Tennessee
Great win for the Titans against the Giants. Seriously.
Scientific Pick: Indy

Kansas City at Cleveland
When you get shut out against the Bengals, you know your offense might suck.
Scientific Pick: Kansas City

Minnesota at Chicago
That Minny defense is nice, but the Chicago defense is still better.
Scientific Pick: Chicago

NY Jets at Green Bay
For all those who think Brett Favre is back, he allowed SEATTLE'S cornerbacks to intercept him three times. Our cornerbacks, by the way, are completely terrible.
Scientific Pick: NY Jets

San Diego at Buffalo
How do the Bills keep winning these games? Sheer gumption?
Scientific Pick: San Diego

San Francisco at New Orleans
Yeah, the 49ers still kinda stink, especially on the road.
Scientific Pick: New Orleans

Houston at Oakland
So, people think that the previous o-coordinator for the Chicago Bears is going to solve this mess in Oakland? Really? You're going with that?
Scientific Pick: Houston

Jacksonville at Miami
No Ronnie Brown for the Dolphins means all Joey Harrington, which means bad news.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville

Dallas at NY Giants
I really want to pick against Dallas in this one, but Eli Manning has just looked terrible recently.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh
I never thought I would write this, but that Tampa Bay defense is terrible.
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

Seattle at Denver
Automatic loss becomes a must-win with a rookie quarterback making his first start.
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Carolina at Philadelphia
Another defense that just looks terrible is Philly's, just what the doctor ordered for a struggling Jake Delhomme.
Scientific Pick: Carolina

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