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Friday, December 08, 2006

Jeremy Green is a qualified moron

Anyone remember our good buddy Jeremy Green? As part of ESPN's Scouts Inc, Green wrote a rambling bit of insanity last week about how Jay Cutler was the greatest move for the Broncos in, well, ever.

Flabbergasted by this ignorance, I took some time to point out some mistakes in this post.

Then Sunday came, Cutler threw up all over the field, and I felt justified. However, all the talking heads are refusing to acknowledge their own foolishness and are starting to criticize Shanahan's decision to go with Cutler over Jake Plummer OR are resorting to the "he'll be better later" excuse. Both of these are ridiculous. Has no one ever heard of saying that they were wrong?

Take me, for example. I thought Bill Bavasi deserved another offseason. Then this past week happened. I was wrong. He deserves our scorn.

This goes full circle back to Jeremy Green, who revisits Denver's quarterback situation in this blog post.

We are all going to have to be patient with Jay Cutler.

After one start? This sounds a little bit like a lot of people were expecting him to be amazing and then he wasn't... kind of like Jeremy Green. Perhaps this sentence could have been written... "Don't think I'm not an expert. Just be patient with Jay Cutler."

He made some rookie mistakes in his first start, but was that not to be expected?

Yes. I expected it. You? Not so much. If I might quote your last article on this subject, Cutler was going to "spark the offense". That would seem to avoid "rookie mistakes".

He also made some nice throws and showed the arm that will eventually make Denver fans forget about the QB controversy they are experiencing right now.

This is just plain irresponsible. Cutler threw some passes that were complete. Great for him. He also played overall an awful game. Pointing out a couple of good throws is a cop-out, Jeremy Green. David Carr makes nice throws all the time... and then loses.

Cutler is going to be an excellent quarterback at some point, just not this season.

Ummm... then why would he have been able to "spark the offense"? Why was it a great decision for Denver to go to Cutler as of ONE WEEK AGO, Jeremy Green?

The Broncos put Cutler at a disadvantage because this is way too late to go to a rookie. When you go to a rookie in December, it should be because of injury or because you are out of the playoff race. To put the weight of the season on a rookie is asking way too much. Cutler should be trying to develop into a solid future starting QB, not worrying about the fact that the season is essentially riding on whether or not he plays well. That is asking to much of any rookie player at any position, but the fact that he is a QB only magnifies that statement even more.

You know what? Green is totally right here. If he had written that one week ago I wouldn't be upset. Also, I know this is anal, but there is "to" and "too", and Green could use some lessons in appropriately using them.

That said, in looking at the film from Cutler's start and some of Jake Plummer's recent starts, there were a lot of similarities. While it would be very easy to blame the Denver QB woes on Plummer, the former starter, or Cutler, there is more going on then meets the eye here. Plummer struggled for much of the three quarters of the season. Cutler entered last week and had the same issues.

This would be the exact argument I made last week. The offense being poor wasn't Jake Plummer's fault. As well, don't you hate it when "experts" talk about "looking at the film" when that probably means "rewinding the TIVO"? Perhaps the offensive struggles didn't necessarily have to do with "the players losing faith in Plummer" as Green argued last week?

When I looked at the tape of Cutler's start, the offense looked exactly the same. The play calling was similar. The plays called were similar. In talking with people in their organization, I was led to believe that the offense would change significantly with Cutler under center. Now comes word that head coach Mike Shanahan feels that some of Cutler's problems this past week can be attributed to them having too much in the playbook for the Seattle game. If they gave the young QB too much, then we sure didn't see it. What we saw was the same exact offense that had been rolled out onto the field in the previous 11 games.

Oh, and this is too rich (notice too, not to). Let's quote from one week ago. Jay Cutler would "open up the playbook". I couldn't believe at the time that Green would make that claim about a rookie quarterback, and I can't believe he doesn't apologize now for being a total idiot. Of course Shanahan now feels that there was too much in the playbook... Cutler is a freaking rookie! This isn't difficult to understand! I'm not sure why so many people missed the boat on Denver's panic attack.

Here's where we stand now...

1. Jay Cutler is a rookie
2. Denver will miss the playoffs
3. Jeremy Green is a two-faced liar

I'd brag more about being proven right here, but it's like arguing about the earth being round.

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