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We are twin brothers who grew up in Central Washington. This blog is devoted to the life of Seattle sports fans, as well as various other topics that we will espouse for your enjoyment. We could be called another OFFICIAL SEATTLE SEAHAWKS site, but we'll take our uneducated crack at the Mariners, Sonics, and Huskies as well. A Seattle Sports Blog? Must be the land... of crushed optimism!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Dangers of Attaching Your Ego to a Professional Sports Team From Seattle

Delta Marine Industries' consensus:
  1. Shawn Alexander is playing football like a little girl.
  2. Jose Vidro is old.
  3. The Sonics still can't play D.
  4. Husky basketball = eh.
  5. Taco trucks sustain life.

Also, there used to be a blog here.

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