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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Quick Thoughts...

Thanks to Colin for actually writing a game recap for once in his miserable existence. I would only add, from being at the game, a few thoughts...

- Kaz pulled a Jerome Bettis by running onto the field in front of the rest of the Rams by fifteen yards. Then fans who weren't at the game wonder why we rag on him now. This would be because 1) he was perhaps our least favorite Seahawk because 2) he was awful. The dude wants to be the center of attention as a Ram. This means I will yell phrases in his general direction that would make impressionable young children cry.

- The turning point of the game for the defense was the 2nd drive for the Rams, when the Hawks stopped them on 2nd and 1, and then stuffed Stephen Jackson on 3rd and 1. It got the ball back to our offense quickly and returned momentum to our side.

- Our offensive line's performance is probably going to be severely underrated because of the six sacks allowed. They were overall brilliant. It's not their fault Seneca Wallace doesn't know how to throw the ball away.

- Speaking of Mr. Wallace... he wasn't very good. His second half was beyond abysmal. Let's stop with the obscene praising. If Burleson doesn't run that ball back, we're talking about how Wallace took giant steps back in the second half to not allow our team the chance to come back against a terrible defense.

- The stadium was utter bedlam during and directly after that return. Bedlam.

- The defense came within a second of disrupting half of the plays on the Rams' final drive. They are finally starting to consistently bring pressure. I like it.

On to other teams...

- The Sonics are now 4-4. Seriously. You know what? I watched the game last night against New Jersey and enjoyed it. This will be a fun team to watch, with four legitimate 20 point scorers on the court in our starting rotation (Ridnour, Lewis, Allen, Wilcox). I think they'll repeat their success again this year. I really think this team can make some noise, and was remembering how excited I was for this season before that whole "Oklahoma City" thing. Maybe I'll start being more excited now.

- Speaking of excited, I did watch the UW Huskies men's basketball team last night, and can tell that they are young, judging from the turnovers, but supremely talented, judging from the three point record they set. My prediction is that Spencer Hawes is going to struggle, his footwork is good but could be better, and I think Artem Wallace is going to push him for playing time. However, Quincy Pondexter is a stud, and probably a one-and-done. He was the best player on the court last night. What's going to be so interesting is how we can dominate the glass this year, between Brockman, Hawes, Wallace, Pondexter, etc we have the ability to own the paint. Nicholls State simply could not drive the lane without fearing the result. This could easily be the most talented Husky team ever. Isn't that strange to say? Well... they're really really good.

- Richie Sexson is a darn good baseball player that one particular site is dramatically underrating. Yeesh. Yes, let's replace him with David Dellucci. That would be a wonderful move. For a far superior analysis, read LL or Dr. D.

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