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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Since I live on one of Seattle's many steep hills, I've got my first snow day since... well, ever. You see, we didn't get snow days when I was in school. I also didn't get to see Shaun Alexander dominate the Packers when I was in school either.

Last night was a tale of two halves. At the end of the first half I was as angry and depressed a Seahawks fan as you'll find. Green Bay squandered our bountiful gift basket of turnovers like I squandered my "allowance" on Star Wars cards... in high school. I was seething at the dropped passes, Jimmy Kimmel in the booth and the fact that it had taken me 80 minutes to get to a certain giant HD television. The thought of a 6 and 5 Seahawks team curdled my innards. Hasselback looked worse than Seneca and despite dominating time of possession, we were losing.
The thought "It couldn't get any worse" has failed me so many times before in Seattle sports it was no comfort to me last night. Still, I kept watching.

Josh Brown, the official team MVP right now, kept us in it. Yeah.
Hasselback putting his head down and rushing for first downs. Oh yeah.
Alexander making two fourth and shorts when EVERYONE knew we were running left against a good run defense. Houshmenzadeh yeah!
The icing on the cake? Stevens caught the stupid ball! Twice! That should keep his ego inflated 'till he drops another bundle of Superbowl passes. Maybe he should get kneed in the groin more often.

Young's comments after the game on the interdependency of the Seahawks team were right on. Our defense cannot stand on its own, unless you are very bad, like Oakland. Having Alexander back makes our o-line look like geniuses (a word I can't spell without the help of my wife) and gives Hasselback more time to throw, which lets our mighty midget defense rest and sharpen their shin kicking shoes. You see? Like links in a chain. We ain't perfect yet, but the Seahawks of the second half last night looked familiar. NFC Champion familiar.

Also, Steve Kelley and Dr. Ferreiro can bite me.

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