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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Seahawk Rant

This one finally got me.

I've been able to basically recuperate after most of our losses. Either they were expected (i.e. Chicago, Kansas City) or it was the same game Hasselbeck goes out in (Minnesota... not a great loss by any stretch, but somewhat forgiveable). Not today. This was absolutely horrendous.

Who to blame? Probably the easiest of the many questions facing Mike Holmgren tonight. Seneca Wallace, who singlehandedly cost us this win.

The staff at Crushed Optimists have not been extremely impressed with Wallace, hopefully we've made that totally clear the past month. His decision making has been very poor time after time after time. For example, the 4th play pass to Mack Strong at the end of the Kansas City game, when Wallace made an extremely stupid decision. It's almost as if he just wanted to avoid the bad interception many weeks.

Against the Raiders Wallace looked fairly good in the first half within the scripted offense, and then fell apart, keeping Oakland in the game. Against the Rams, again he struggled after the first half. His quarterback ratings have been overall good, another indication of their inability to give a totally accurate picture of effectiveness.

Today Wallace was beyond abysmal. All three interceptions were inexcusable. On the first, Darrell Jackson had three Broncos around him. On the second, there was no place to put the ball. The third, of course, was the backbreaker. The defense (who had a valiant effort today, especially in the second half) came up with a key turnover. We had a minute and a half to march down the field with all three timeouts, and all the momentum on our side. So Wallace first completely misses seeing a rusher (boo on Walter Jones for allowing that sack too), and then stares down an interception to nowhere. What was so awful about that pass was that he didn't even go through progressions. He was looking exactly where he threw it the entire play, and then put it into a space where there wasn't a Hawk within ten yards.

What about the defense? Well, if the coaching staff belives Jordan Babineaux is an improvement on Michael Boulware they sure weren't watching the same game I was. Babineaux missed the final tackle on EVERY single big run Frank Gore had, and got beat bad deep by Antonio Bryant (lucked out on the holding penalty nullifying that one). Boulware needs to be reinserted into the lineup, and now. The "D" held up against the run later in the game, and did a fairly decent job through most of the second half on Gore. In the second quarter they were basically out there the entire time backed up on our own thirty after another turnover.

What about Shaun? Well, he was definitely starting to get his legs under himself in the second half, hitting the line with more authority. We couldn't go to him more because of the situation. On the 4th down play, the commentators got on Holmgren for calling a Shaun run. I thought it was the correct call. With how poorly Wallace had been playing, you want the biggest play of the game decided by your two best players, Shaun and Walter Jones. It didn't work out, but I sure didn't have confidence that Wallace would have picked it up himself. I think that we'll get a much better performance out of our MVP next week.

That's the great news. Hasselbeck will be back next week. Shaun will be back with more confidence. We don't have to make apologies for mediocrity anymore. We'll actually get to see if this team can be what we thought it was over these last six weeks. I can't wait. I'll be that crowd next Monday night, and it is going to be unbelievable when they introduce those offensive starters and we can tell our best players how much we appreciate having them around again. Back when Matt went down I predicted we'd go 2-2 without him. Well, that's exactly what we did, except our 2-2 record was slightly better because we beat the Rams. We are a far better team than the 49ers. I think the second half proved that, and I really don't think the home game is going to be very close. So we still are on track to get the #2 seed in the NFC, we still are on track to get the NFC West, and we are still on track to be a very dangerous underrated team come playoff time.

I'm really excited I don't have to see another batted down pass.

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At 5:11 PM, Blogger nach said...

You forgot to include Stevens in your rage--how many catachable passes must he drop before he loses the starting job? Is he that much a better blocker? Don't make me laugh. We've got to have another option underneath besides slanting recievers and those darn screen plays we can't excecute.


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