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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Same Ol' Sonics?

I did manage to watch most of that game last night and had a few thoughts...

1. Whoever was the moron who chose the music for the Sonics to be introduced to deserves to be savagely beaten. I know it's the 40th season. That doesn't mean that our team should be trotted out to doo-wop. Johan Petro couldn't even do The Robot effectively to it. Every time music is played in the NBA, it should be something with a throbbing bass line that athletes can not smile to and look like thugs. This is the image. Except for Luuuuuuuuuke Ridnour, who manages to look like an insane Mormon missionary.

2. Our defense was pretty good for the first four minutes when Sene wasn't entirely outmatched. At least he was trying. Petro apparently has already given up. After the first four minutes?? Um...

3. That was one of the ugliest ways I've seen of getting to 100 points, considering the number of lay-ins we blew.

4. Chris Wilcox still looks like a beast.

5. Damien Wilkins and Earl Watson are still great bench players.

6. We had about a dozen chances to put Portland away, go up by twenty, and coast. Instead, we missed easy shots, didn't get crucial offensive rebounds, or didn't defend the paint. It was a frustrating way to lose a first game.

7. Same ol' Sonics.

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