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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quick Wednesday

For the first time in my graduate career, the end of the semester has swamped me with papers to grade, papers to write, and other various research-related tasks that have completely zapped away my time to blog.

No big loss, I know.

I do want to echo the rest of the editorial board in the proclamation that the Hawks, on Monday Night, showed signs of coming back. I made a point to have ESPN turned on yesterday while I was grading papers, so that I could look up whenever someone talked about the Hawks, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard, because it's exactly what I believe.

Are we a contender? Yes.

Are we the favorite? Absolutely not. I rank the Bears and Cowboys as 1 and 1A right now, with the Hawks at about 2c, until we see more consistency from our stars through the next couple of weeks, including a tough, tough game against the Broncos Sunday night. This is a game that I pegged as an automatic loss going into the season, but now.....? Jay Cutler starting his first game? That's a game you have to win, don't you?

I will give the rest of my picks on Friday, but here is my prediction for the Bengals/Ravens get-together on Thursday night. Both teams seem to be playing up to their potential, which should bring a sigh of relief to Bengals fans, who were forced to watch their offense suck for the majority of this season. When that offense is playing well, and it currently is, I don't believe that any defense can truly stop it. Contain it, sure. Stop it? Absolutely not.
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati

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