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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Playoff Picture: Week 11 - NFC

I should start out by mentioning that apparently there was an error in yesterday's analysis. Since Jacksonville beat the NY Jets (crushed them) earlier in the year, the Jags are the #6 seed right now in the AFC. So... the Jets are a great story, and are right in the thick of it, but not in yet.

On to the NFC!

1. Chicago (8-1)
2. New Orleans (6-3... better conference record than Seattle, NY Giants)
3. Seattle (6-3... beat NY Giants head to head)
4. NY Giants (6-3)
5. Philadelphia (5-4)
6. Atlanta (5-4)

This conference gets a bit tougher to figure out. There are four teams at 5-4 (Philly, Atlanta, Dallas, Carolina). As I understand tiebreakers, you get the "winner" out of each division. Since Philly beat Dallas and Atlanta beat Carolina, you have your top two wild cards at this time. The biggest change from week to week has to be the Giants, who move from the #2 seed all the way to #4 by virtue of their flop against the Bears. That's also two home losses for the Giants, a bad omen as the season winds down.

There are also four 4-5 teams that I feel obligated to keep in the playoff picture, including St Louis and San Francisco. Look, we all know they suck, but they are only one game out of it, and since the NFC South and NFC East are going to pound one another into the ground there is definitely an outside chance of sneaking in. The Hawks, obviously, are in a terrific position to snag the #2 seed, but without another team getting hot, the Bears cooling off, and having a three-way tie for first, there really isn't a legitimate chance at catching Chicago. So, as odd as it seems, both #1 seeds are virtually assured with most of the season still to go. How do the schedules look?

Oh... and to the NFC-haters, when you don't have a league that contains just about every single awful team available (Oakland, Tennessee, Houston) that helps prop up your "dominant teams", you can talk. Until then, shut up.

Chicago - at NY Jets, at New England, vs Minnesota, at St Louis, vs Tampa Bay, at Detroit, vs Green Bay
New Orleans - vs Cincinnati, at Atlanta, vs San Francisco, at Dallas, vs Washington, at NY Giants, vs Carolina
Seattle - at San Francisco, vs Green Bay, at Denver, at Arizona, vs San Francisco, vs San Diego, at Tampa Bay
NY Giants - at Jacksonville, at Tennessee, vs Dallas, at Carolina, vs Philadelphia, vs New Orleans, at Washington
Philadelphia - vs Tennessee, at Indianapolis, vs Carolina, at Washington, at NY Giants, at Dallas, vs Atlanta
Atlanta - at Baltimore, vs New Orleans, at Washington, at Tampa Bay, vs Dallas, vs Carolina, at Philadelphia

Dallas - vs Indianapolis, vs Tampa Bay, at NY Giants, vs New Orleans, at Atlanta, vs Philadelphia, vs Detroit
Carolina - vs St Louis, at Washington, at Philadelphia, vs NY Giants, vs Pittsburgh, at Atlanta, at New Orleans
St Louis - at Carolina, vs San Francisco, vs Arizona, vs Chicago, at Oakland, vs Washington, at Minnesota
San Francisco - vs Seattle, at St Louis, at New Orleans, vs Green Bay, at Seattle, vs Arizona, at Denver
Minnesota - at Miami, vs Arizona, at Chicago, at New Orleans, vs NY Jets, at Green Bay, vs St Louis
Green Bay - vs New England, at Seattle, vs NY Jets, at San Francisco, vs Detroit, vs Minnesota, at Chicago

Okay, what do we see here? Well, hopefully a bunch of teams who will drop off this list shortly, but none probably will until they hit seven losses. At least one 9-7 team will make the playoffs in the NFC. I think it will be fascinating to see if (as Colin predicted) one NFC West/North team sneaks in because of their inferior schedule. San Francisco and Green Bay are not good teams. Not even close. Yet, if they get on a hot streak, they have a bunch of winnable games on their schedule. I hate the Rams, but don't be surprised if they sneak past a better team like Carolina or Atlanta to get in.

Just for kicks, I'm also throwing in the Games of the Week that I picked at midseason to see if they're still enjoyable, and to throw in anything more if necessary...

Week 11
Chicago at NY Jets - I called this one for NY
Atlanta at Baltimore
St Louis at Carolina
Indianapolis at Dallas - Making the pick again. Indy will be 8-1.
San Diego at Denver
NY Giants at Jacksonville

Any other games? Nope. Maybe our game (but I can't make myself care that much) or the New Orleans-Cincy tilt. But the games above are all going to be awesome. This week looks like it could be the best of the season. Be sure to grab a seat and ride the wave.

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