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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NFL Playoff Picture: Week 12

Yes, it's a holiday week. Yes, that means everything gets a little abbreviated...

This playoff picture thingy didn't exactly get more ironed out this past week (thanks a lot Seahawks). Did it at least mean that the Scientific Method caught up with Petey Prisco? Let's find out...

Week 11 Results:
Scientific Method: 9-7
Petey Prisco: 11-5
Bill Simmons: 9-7

Season Standings:
Petey Prisco: 101-59
Scientific Method: 98-62
Bill Simmons: 85-75

Sorry Science. You get burned by Petey actually picking SF to beat Seattle.

What about the playoff picture itself?


1. Indianapolis (9-1)
2. Baltimore (8-2... beat San Diego head-to-head)
3. San Diego (8-2)
4. New England (7-3)
5. Denver (7-3)
6. Jacksonville (6-4)

First off, mad kudos to Gavin for picking Indy's loss to Dallas two weeks ago. I think, with all the wrong picks I make, this particular one is deserving of all you jerks getting off my back for a while. Secondly, Denver did not look good last week losing to San Diego. Look at their schedule, including the just-flexed game against Seattle. They have a tough road, friends. There's a reason I picked them to miss the postseason and it could very well happen.

Jacksonville is tied with Kansas City for the final spot but gets the edge right now with a better Conference record. Remember, they play each other the last week of the season. This is going to get more interesting.

Also still in it would be Cincinnati and the NY Jets (who should have played a lot better against the Bears). Until the Steelers hit .500, I'm not including them here. On to the remaining schedules!

Indianapolis - vs Philadelphia, at Tennessee, at Jacksonville, vs Cincinnati, at Houston, vs Miami Baltimore - vs Pittsburgh, at Cincinnati, at Kansas City, vs Cleveland, at Pittsburgh, vs Buffalo
San Diego - vs Oakland, at Buffalo, vs Denver, vs Kansas City, at Seattle, vs Arizona
New England - vs Chicago, vs Detroit, at Miami, vs Houston, at Jacksonville, at Tennessee
Denver - at Kansas City, vs Seattle, at San Diego, at Arizona, vs Cincinnati, vs San Francisco
Jacksonville - at Buffalo, at Miami, vs Indianapolis, at Tennessee, vs New England, at Kansas City

NY Jets - vs Houston, at Green Bay, vs Buffalo, at Minnesota, at Miami, vs Oakland
Kansas City - vs Denver, at Cleveland, vs Baltimore, at San Diego, at Oakland, vs Jacksonville
Cincinnati - at New Orleans, at Cleveland, vs Baltimore, vs Oakland, at Indianapolis, at Denver, vs Pittsburgh

One more thing before moving on... if the Jaguars can actually beat teams they are supposed to (looking at you, Houston), they have a darn good shot to clinch, because I'm still not sold on Miami. Still, the dark horse is definitely Cincinnati, who I picked to pass Baltimore. The Bengals have four straight wins looking them in the face right now. Let's see if they take advantage before a murderous last few weeks.


The Chicago Bears can start resting starters now. With a nice three game lead for the #1 seed, including tiebreakers over Seattle and the NY Giants, they will definitely relax... and then lose in the playoffs. I'm sorry. It's going to happen.

Also, this conference is nutty. There are FIVE 6-4 teams. FIVE.

1. Chicago (9-1)
2. NY Giants (6-4)
3. Seattle (6-4)
4. Carolina (6-4)
5. New Orleans (6-4)
6. Dallas (6-4)

Okay. Let's see if I can explain this well. New York beat Dallas earlier, so they hold the tiebreaker and would win the NFC East. Carolina beat New Orleans and would win the NFC South. Now, for seeding, Seattle did beat NY (man, that feels like a while ago), but since they didn't SWEEP both the Giants and Carolina I think (note: think) the tiebreaker reverts to Conference record, giving the Giants the edge.

Now, New Orleans and Dallas haven't played yet, but will in a few weeks, but for now the Saints have a better conference record.

San Francisco, Atlanta, and Philly are still in it, even if the Eagles are now toast without McNabb.

Schedule Time!

Chicago - at New England, vs Minnesota, at St Louis, vs Tampa Bay, at Detroit, vs Green Bay
NY Giants - at Tennessee, vs Dallas, at Carolina, vs Philadelphia, vs New Orleans, at Washington
Seattle - vs Green Bay, at Denver, at Arizona, vs San Francisco, vs San Diego, at Tampa Bay
Carolina - at Washington, at Philadelphia, vs NY Giants, vs Pittsburgh, at Atlanta, at New Orleans
New Orleans - at Atlanta, vs San Francisco, at Dallas, vs Washington, at NY Giants, vs Carolina
Dallas - vs Tampa Bay, at NY Giants, vs New Orleans, at Atlanta, vs Philadelphia, vs Detroit

Philadelphia - at Indianapolis, vs Carolina, at Washington, at NY Giants, at Dallas, vs Atlanta
Atlanta - vs New Orleans, at Washington, at Tampa Bay, vs Dallas, vs Carolina, at Philadelphia
San Francisco - at St Louis, at New Orleans, vs Green Bay, at Seattle, vs Arizona, at Denver

Again, I'll put back in the 4-6 teams when they hit .500. Until then, they are bad mediocre teams.

What about the games I'm most looking forward to that I'd picked a few weeks back?

Week 12
Denver at Kansas City
New Orleans at Atlanta
Chicago at New England

Not that exciting a week ahead, but hopefully we have some separation in the NFC. Have a great Thanksgiving, all!

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