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Monday, November 27, 2006


Many people will write more on this game, many pundits will point to specific moments.

Here's what this win for the Seahawks boiled down to...

We are back.

The staff of Crushed Optimists would officially like to apologize to Shaun Alexander for underrating the importance of his loss. It is difficult to describe how different our offense looked, even with that patchwork offensive line, with a healthy Shaun.

Green Bay has a good run defense, don't forget. This was the first 100 yard rusher they allowed all year. The domino effect was tremendous...

Shaun ran, so Matt had more time in the pocket.
Shaun ran, so we won the time of possession battle.
We won the TOP battle, so our defense was fresh and could make plays.

Colin says that Steve Young mentioned after the game how interdependent our team is. That's a good way to describe it, and it all starts with the run game. It ended with the most consistent offensive performance of the year. Only turnovers stopped our drives, other than that we were able to move up and down the field. A few less dropped passes and we put up 40.

I will say this, when we went down 21-12 I was down... as down as I've been all year with this team. I sat in my freezing seat, attempting to find some warmth somewhere, and it was bad. I could barely roust myself to stand up and yell during the next defensive stand. But we have a team with Matt Hasselbeck that comes back. To all those losers who said we still lose that game last week without Matt, I point to this win and tell them to watch some more football.

This was the team we thought we had. There are multiple reasons why we could have lost, multiple problems still there. Steve Kelley will probably write some glowing article about finding an electrical current. In a way he's right... we have Shaun Alexander back.

That #2 seed is looking awful nice...

Don't sleep on Seattle, America.

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