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Friday, November 17, 2006

Apple Cup '07

So... Tomorrow's game has the making of one of the worst Apple Cups ever. The facts:

1) WSU sweaters on paunchy balding men at work vastly outnumbered UW parephenalia. I don't care how it's spelled.
2) That's right. Co-workers. I have a job.

I have to say the 'Cougs have a shot at winning and thus, justifying their existence for another season. In fact, they should win this game. Despite the fact they only win 1 out of every five Apple Cups, this is that one. Not only is the game in Pullman, home of nothing, these Huskies have no bite. They'll likely have a #3 QB playing significant time with a running game that gains maybe a yard a carry. Booyah. Still, WSU managed to lose by over 30 points to a team from Arizona. These teams are playing awful football right now.

The upside? The 'Cougs also have maybe the funniest broadcasters outside of east-side (of the mountains) high-school football, which Thiel writes on well. Also, this guy is funny. I hope he writes more for the PI. This game is all about bragging rights--more of a at-least-we-don't-suck-as-bad-as-they-do cup than anything else.

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