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Friday, October 20, 2006

Why to Never Listen to Bill Simmons About the Seahawks

Bill's COMPLETELY WRONG summary of the Rams/Seahawks game:

I liked what the Hawks did last week: They couldn't run the ball since Maurice Morris sucks, so they pull a "Madden" move and start throwing every down ... and it works! Then they're running out the clock and Morris fumbles (I mentioned he sucks, right?), then Holt catches that insane six-tip touchdown and it looks like the Hawks might lose because their kicker missed a field goal that hit both uprights. So what happens? They march down the field and the same kicker buries a 54-yarder at the whistle. Now that's a gutsy win. But you know what? They still can't run the ball. I don't like picking teams to cover big spreads when they can't run the ball.

Here's the problem, Bill. The game happened in EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE FASHION!!

If any of you actually read my game summary, you would know that the Seahawks STARTED the game as a pass-only offense and sucked. They then, in the second half, became a BALANCED offense, and did not suck. Again, that is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Bill Simmons says happened.

Seattle rushed for over 100 yards. The RAMS rushed for like 56 yards. Which team can't run the football, Bill?

Good Lord. Bill Simmons knows absolutely nothing about Seattle sports.

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