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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Happens When You Bring In New Writers...

They start getting all "politics" this and "poor grammar" that.

However, it was a good call for us to bring on Nach since... well... he doesn't work. Bam!

Was anyone as completely depressed as I was when the news came out last night that Shaun is going to miss the Oakland game? Not only because we have to go without the MVP for another week, but also because I wasn't that surprised. It's been that kind of year so far...

Still, it's not like it was the offense's fault that we lost on Sunday, except for that absurd fourth down swing pass to Mack Strong on the final play (AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!). What an utterly abysmal defensive performance. I will give Larry Johnson some credit, he displayed a lot of patience in finding cutback lanes. We often had stopped his first read, but he waited long enough, and the offensive line held their blocks long enough, for a gaping hole to be open until Ken Hamlin could make the tackle.

Jordan Babineaux apparently is not the answer. I'll give you a better one... replace Grant Wistrom with Darryl Tapp. Tapp is already a far superior player than Wistrom, whose age is really beginning to show. He missed some key tackles and can't get pressure on a wounded lemur. I'm pretty disillusioned with him.

Speaking of bad performances, Lofa Tatupu (Lord of All That's Hustle) has started to miss a lot of tackles himself, and when the front line (we always miss Marcus Tubbs more than we think) allows the offensive line to move to the second level he is basically taken out.

Then our secondary is playing about as bad as they possibly could. It's not like Damon Huard was making pinpoint passes into triple coverage. His receivers were wide open. It was a whole afternoon of pitch and catch. That's why we can't stop anyone on third down. It's too easy.

Oh... right... the Scientific Method.

Scientific Method: 8-6
Petey Prisco: 10-4
Bill Simmons: 6-8

Season Standings:
Petey Prisco: 74-40
Scientific Method: 72-42
Bill Simmons: 60-54

(Insert maniacal laughter)

Colin's getting beaten by Petey Prisco! Take that, science!

Enough about last week. I didn't watch much, because I was driving through snow back from Leavenworth. Yay for Seattle drivers who freak out at the merest sign of slush!

Oh... and in an effort to completely confuse the purpose of this post, I agree with Dr. Detecto. Sign Jason Schmidt.

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