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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!! - Week 7 in Review

I have to admit that there's a part of me that is still depressed... apparently Colin shares that, since he still has avoided even writing about last week's game. That's when he takes an "out of sight, out of mind" approach to blogging after a loss.

Personally, I am sick and tired of how bad our offensive line and secondary performance has been. We are WAY past excuse time. At some point it becomes ridiculous to see all these big plays, which skew the numbers, especially on the scoreboard. I'm also upset to see how overrated Minnesota is. Sheesh.

At least it was good to listen to Bryce Fisher on the radio today and hear his frustration with the defensive effort, and it was good to read about Mike Holmgren finally going off on the team in the press yesterday.

Moving on... anyone who has read us for a while (sorry) might remember our appreciation for one Paul Shirley, a struggling basketball player who moonlights as a writer for His chat yesterday right after being cut from the Timberwolves was classic. My favorite question/answer?

Paul (Minneapolis, MN): The Timberwolves have a history of bringing their rookies along slowly. Do you think Foye will get a lot of minutes out of the gate or will they ease him into the NBA?
Paul Shirley: I think they'll take their time, based on how he has been used in the preseason.....Not that I really give a damn. I hope they lose every game.

That is good stuff. I also like...

Jason (Houston, Texas): who are you? i stumbled across this on ESPN's frontpage.
Paul Shirley: I am...unemployed.

I wasn't going to do a third... but seriously, as a Sonics fan...

Jamar Knox (Jackson, TN): Who do you look up to in the NBA,since you can't really play in the NBA right now?
Paul Shirley: My favorite NBA player, regardless of my status, is Radmanovic. He just seems so...apathetic. I respect that.

Back to football and the Scientific Method...

Week 7 Results:
Scientific Method: 4-9 (Bwa hahahah)
Petey Prisco: 8-5
Bill Simmons: 5-8

Season Standings:
Scientific Method: 64-36
Petey Prisco: 64-36
Bill Simmons: 54-46

The Scientific Method sinks lower back to oblivion, allowing Petey Prisco of all people to catch up to him. Very disappointing.

What in the World Were They Smoking?

Here's the ridiculous thing. Colin goes 4-9, and I can really only make fun of him for one game. This is getting frustrating. The NY Jets have played well at home all year. Detroit has been awful on the road all year. So Colin picks the Lions because he's still so enamored with Shaun Rogers (WHO IS ON SUSPENSION!!). This was not a difficult game to pick. On the other hand, Bill Simmons did pick the Redskins to at least cover the spread against the Colts, which didn't happen either. Washington has been so bad defensively that you just knew Peyton Manning was going to have a field day. Simmons followed that gem up by picking Cleveland over Denver. How on earth does that one happen. Cleveland couldn't score against a team full of handicapped midgets.

Best Picks of the Week

This award definitely goes to Petey Prisco for these two gems. The first was picking a one point victory for Tampa Bay over Philadelphia. I sure didn't see that one coming... but then again, you don't normally see TWO interceptions returned for touchdowns in the same game against Donovan McNabb. However, that's what happens when you still don't have a running game. I will say that the touchdown from Brian Westbrook to get the lead was one heck of a play, but you have to hand it to that field goal kicker (too lazy to look up his name). A 62 yarder is quite something. I would be pulling my hair out as a Philly fan... to lose on last second field goals two weeks in a row is insane. I'd almost prefer getting killed (like the Seahawks). The next pick Prisco had was picking Kansas City to beat the Chargers. Yes, Arrowhead is always a tough place to play, but with how good the Chargers have looked, Damon Huard would not be my choice to pull off the upset.

Biggest Disappointments

It's time to pat myself on the back again about the Dallas Cowboys, a very trendy pick to win the NFC Championship this year (freaking Petey King). The offensive line didn't play well last year, Drew Bledsoe is a statue, and it didn't take a genius to think that if the defense played bad in a game, they would struggle. What I didn't expect was for Bill Parcells to go to Tony Romo so early in the year. That's not going to make Terrell Owens very happy, and an already combustible situation could get much much worse.

Carolina's run defense continues to be an achilles heel, and a reason why Chicago is definitely head and shoulders above the competition (not to mention the Giants right now). When you allow Rudi Johnson to get 100 yards in the final three quarters and allow the Cincy offense to look better, you have issues. Not to mention that awful interception thrown by Jake Delhomme.

Big time boos go after the Pittsburgh Steelers, who seriously put their season in jeapordy. If 10-6 is needed to really ensure a postseason berth (and remember that the Chiefs and Chargers missed the playoffs last year with that record) they now need to go 8-2 over the remainder of their schedule. Ouch. From Bill Cowher taking too many timeouts to ice the Falcons kicker, to Nate Washington flinching, to all the complaining afterwards, the Steelers are melting. Also, the secondary play was atrocious. You cannot let Michael Vick look that good through the air against you.

Of course one cannot pass the chance to poke fun at the Jacksonville Jaguars, who put up a thoroughly unimpressive performance against Houston. Maybe the Texans really are improved (which is what we called during our season preview), but regardless if Jacksonville wants to be taken seriously instead of being called overrated (which is what we called during our season preview) they cannot be beaten by twenty by Houston. Never.

Most Impressive Performances

Speaking of Houston, David Carr is doing a great job reminding the league what he can do if actually given time, and Gary Kubiak is doing a great job helping give him time. Surprised Andre Johnson is turning into a premier receiver? You shouldn't be. The talent has always been there. Now if they can get a consistent defensive performance they will approach 6-7 wins this year and feel very good about next season.

The Tampa Bay defense masked an awful performance by the offense to knock off the Eagles.

In my opinion, the NY Giants are the best team in the NFC right now. I am very interested in seeing their Sunday Night battle with the Bears to see if I'm right. They just took it to Dallas on the road, which was important to see in Eli Manning's development. The big change I see? Plaxico Burress is turning into a game-changing receiver.

That's it for now, campers!

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