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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thoughts of the Unemployed

When the Seahawks look to cut, they look to special teams. Not a big surprise, since it's a big bowl of mediocrity. Ponder is out, to make room for new #3 QB Gibran Hamdan... whoopty shit. Not like Gibran will ever play, so we get articles about how he's a "nice guy" and played in "NFL" Europe.

Ponder was not my favorite Seahawk. His kick return avg. (23 point something) ranks him 15th in the NFL this season. Right smack dab in the middle. Scobey, whom I imagine is going to get his old gig back, wasn't anything special at the position. I hope for adequate. I also hope Jimmy "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod" Williams doesn't even get close to returning kickoffs, as well as punts, for the Hawks.

With Ponder out, that moves Jimmy up to my least favorite Seahawks spot. Runner up: Chris Spencer...

I'm also enjoying the "Seneca, the Determined" thingys around the internet. It sure sounds better than "Seneca, the Scared @#$!-less". I am excited to see how the offense deals with this latest batch of adversity--let's just say my expectations have been lowered a lot. A game with no sacks allowed (we've done it once this season, against the Giants, I think) would be a good start.
Mack Strong, one of my favorite Seahawks when he's making blocks and gaining 35 yards on draw plays, writes, "Sometimes people get hurt. Matt didn't get hurt from a sack, but we've got to find a solution to the sack issue in a hurry (24 all of last year and 21 through six games this season). It's just disappointing. "

So is he disappointed in himself, then?

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