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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Still Nervous

Gavin's optimism is reassuring, even if his best reasons are why the Rams stink. All my hope rest in what I've seen these teams play like in the past, not what they've showed my so far. The thought of losing this game makes me sick to my stomach. Not that I think we'll lose. But still...

I've got eels in my gut because :: Matt didn't trust his protection against the Bears. Yes he's been sacked a lot early this season, but he's also bailing when Morris does, in fact, pick up the blitz. If he's still running gun-shy and making poor decisions against the Ram's "pass rush", it won't matter how poorly the Ram's secondary plays or how awesome our receivers are.
On the flip side :: If Matt has time (and our O-line is playing like we know it can against underwhelming defensive ends and linebackers) then there's no problem. We're up 14 at halftime.

My vision blurs and my hands shake at the thought of :: using the past as a predictor. The truth is, we don't know what's going to happen Sunday. Furthermore, as fans, we're uniquely equipped to be able to do absolutely nothing about it. We can't change the outcome of a game. They can't hear me when I shout at the TV. We went to the Superbowl last year, the Rams did not. They are first in the NFC West, we are not. We both have a couple lucky wins in our picnic basket and whoever wins this game will go a long way in establishing the truth of whose division this is. We have yet to play consistently like NFC champions. Can we? Duh. But will we? I don't want to think about it.
On the flip side :: It's only game five for the Hawks. We have three wins no one can take away. Even if we had to wait 'till the last play to beat the Lions without reaching the endzone. This is the most difficult game of all our divisional matchups. So if this is it, the supreme challenge we'll receive in our divisional play... bah! Fey laughter! This could turn out as well as the Carolina game last winter that I had to watch on tape because Kazakhstan is too cold and flat for TV signals to be broadcast well. We have the far superior talent. Let's play like it.

The bottom line is :: the Rams are not the Bears. I'm confident Mo Mo will have a great game (check last weeks run D for the Rams) which, combined with Stevens being available as a target over the middle again, opens up tons of opportunities for us to score early and often. Our D may not be able to prevent the big play, but the Rams seem to turn the ball over just as often. Occasional big plays are no match for the breakout game I see Mo Mo and a very pissed Seahawks offence having tomorrow. Seahawks by 10.

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