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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Scientific Method: Week 7

Gavin and I were chewing the fat earlier today, discussing why this site has turned into a "Scientific Method - Game Preview - Game Recap - Ultimate Explosion" blog for the last couple of weeks. Seriously. We used to be cool! And write stuff!

A few possible explanations readily came to mind:

1. The Seattle Mariners, over the past couple of years, have slowly zapped my baseball enthusiasm from my veins. You have Mike Hargrove as manager (and I don't care how much a manager matters to wins or losses, Hargrove just sucks, alright? He sucks, he really, really, sucks, and I dislike his fat butt sitting in my team's dugout.). You have an offense that consistently underperforms, ever since 2002. Even worse, you have a team where the guys never seem to care that much, again stretching back to 2002. Did Olerud of Edgar ever show any sign of emotion whatsoever? I understand that, perhaps, baseball isn't a fiery sport, but I had the Extra Innings package, and I watched PLENTY of baseball this year. When you watched a team like the Tigers, their overall team ENERGY jumped out at you. You had Nate Robertson chewing HUGE amounts of gum to spur on comebacks. You had vocal leaders like Pudge Rodriguez and energy guys like Craig Monroe. You know what? They looked like they were having fun, and it was fun to watch them, even as a guy who had zero interest in them from a fan perspective before the season started. It was also fun to watch the New York Mets, with Pedro laughing in the clubhouse to Jose Reyes' smile after swiping another base. Win or lose, they were having a good time. But the M's? SO BORING!!! Wake me up when we get Schmidt AND Matsuzaka. Then we'll talk. Until then? It's uninteresting to write about an uninteresting team with uninteresting players.

2. The Seattle* Sonics
* Soon to be the Oklahoma City Sonics, which continues to piss me off, no matter how much Dave Locke is convinced that all those Oklahoma investors are in it to help out the city of Seattle retain an NBA franchise. They also drafted some 8 footer from Senegal in the draft for no particular reason.

3. The UW Husky Football Team
When the highlight of your season is a near win at USC (which, by the way, describes EVERY OTHER team in the Pac-10, you probably still have some improving to do. Let's wait until next year, when the real fun might start.

Our conclusion? Write more about the NFL, I guess, which we will start doing here in the next couple of weeks, as the middle of the season rears its ugly head. Lord knows you won't catch us writing about the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, a result that is only not preposterous when you understand that the other possibilities would have been the NY Mets sans Pedro and El Duque, the San Diego Padres, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The other reason I haven't been writing as much is that I've had to read awesome books for the doctoral program like, "Speaking Into the Air", a gripping book on communication dealing with those who talk to aliens, animals, and dead people. Needless to say, I was a fan. Especially when part of the book talks passages from the book of John COMPLETELY out of context, stating that Jesus was the ultimate disseminator of communication because of the parable of the sower, Jesus thus believing that the message itself wasn't important, only the meaning that was created by the receiver. That, I'm sure, would be extremely surprising for Jesus to hear, him not caring about the message. It's also irritating for me to read an academic attempt to smoosh Jesus into just another gifted speaker and philosopher. Um..... if I knew someone who continued, CONSTANTLY, to claim that he was God and that we should all follow and worship him, I wouldn't call him a gifted philosopher. I'd call him a nut. That's where CS Lewis' Liar-Lunatic-Lord argument comes into focus.

But enough of the school travails. What about the travails of science, who hit an extremely rough patch last week?! Obviously I dusted off the old beakers and formulated a new chemical solution, one rich in cadmium and tungsten. I also drank a Pepsi and some cranberry juice. And no, I'm not on my period (thank you, "The Departed", for a line I will neever forget). Back to basics, Colin. I am NOT about to lose my top spot to Petey Prisco!

Carolina at Cincinnati
Of course, the continued rise to glory takes a stop at a very difficult game to call, that of Carolina at Cincy. Carolina doesn't get bothered on the road (except in Seattle, boo-yah), and Julius Peppers will be getting blocked by a rookie left tackle. That's not good. Cincy's rushing defense still sucks. That's not good. Chad Johnson has been doing nothing so far this year. That's not good. However, Carolina has yet to play a very impressive game this year (though MAYBE the Baltimore game counts). Man, so much to think about. Carolina's run defense isn't anything to write home about. Dang blast it.
Scientific Pick: Carolina

Detroit at NY Jets
Just when I thought the Jets were ready to sink back down into the gutter, they go out and lay the wood to Miami, a team that has hit the gutter and sunk down into the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. Detroit, on the other hand, actually won a game, surprising those of us who forgot that every dog not from Oakland has its day. It's still hard for me to forget how good that defense looked against us, and that offense has shown that it can, at the vey least, semi-move the ball.
Scientific Pick: Detroit

Green Bay at Miami
Here's the "Buh" game of the week. Seeing as I have picked Miami virtually every week this year, only to get lambasted by Joey Harrington and a porous offensive line, I must go against every bone in my body and pick Brett Favre.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

Jacksonville at Houston
Houston looked good against Dallas for the first half, up until Dallas remembered that they needed to win the game in order to have a better shot at the postseason. Then that ugly secondary reared its head. Knowing Jacksonville, they will be losing by 10 sometime in this ballgame, only to barely eke out a win on the combination of stellar defense and a long run by Maurice Jones-Drew.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville

New England at Buffalo
Have I mentioned recently that I hate the AFC East? Are there any actual interesting games that are played in that division? Can someone point me in that direction?
Scientific Pick: New England

Philadelpia at Tampa Bay

You have to be impressed in how a rookie quarterback has looked better than Chris Simms so far this season. Unless you are either Gavin or myself, who both hate Chris Simms and have never believed in him, scoffing at the amount of hype lavished upon the son of Phil-Dawg. Basically, blessing in disguise for Bucs fans, who seem like NOW they have their quarterback of the future. Philly, on the other hand, has THE quarterback of the present, who can, um, do some things at the quarterback position. I like him a lot.
Scientific Pick: Philly

Pittsburgh at Atlanta

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet smell of being right about Michael Vick. People were lapping his feet once again after starting the season 2-0 behind a college-option system that was doomed to be figured out in about, well, two weeks. Now? The SAME questions arise about the simple fact that he can't seem to throw the football. At all. If I was a Falcons fan, and my team was down by 14, I would want Schaub in that game. He can throw it, and the Falcons would have a greater chance at winning consistently with him involved. Nice to see that the Falcons coaching staff agrees with me. As for Pittsburgh, no one SHOULD have been writing them off. They're a good team, if not a Super Bowl favorite. They'll be fine.
Scientific Pick: Pittsburgh

San Diego at Kansas City

Ok, ok, so picking San Francisco over San Diego was a mistake. I thought that the San Fran defense would show up to the game. My bad. Kansas City HAD a defense until last week, when they were shredded by Big Ben in a game that can only be called, "boring as all getout". Damon Huard against Shawn Merriman. Hmmmm.
Scientific Pick: San Diego

Denver at Cleveland
I sense another 12-6 win in the horizon for the Broncos. What a ridiculous schedule so far, especially with as poor a showing as that offense has been producing. This is Cleveland, however, and I don't predict Cleveland to win any games whre they aren't playing Oakland. Strict policy.
Scientific Pick: Denver

Arizona at Oakland
No jokes. I hope Arizona wins, so that a tortured fan base can relax for one week.
Scientific Pick: Arizona

Minnesota at Seattle

Lost in the Steve Hutchinson kerfuffle is the simple fact that BOTH players involved haven't really made too much of a difference respectively. Minny's offense can't consistently score, and Nate Burleson has gone missing all season long. The real story will be the improved Minnesota defense (especially rushing defense) against Mo Morris and Matt Hasselbeck. Luckily, the Hawks are finally back in the friendly confines of Qwest Field, so they should take care of business.
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Washington at Indianapolis
I REALLY want to pick Washington, but that defense has been terrible! Where is the great blitzing schemes and coverages of seasons past? How can Vince Young move the ball consistently AT WASHINGTON?? Sure, a lot of blame is being laid on the feet of Mark Brunell, but their run of last season was spurred, in large part, by the ballhawking defense of the 'Skins. Without that, they can't possibly score enough to match Indy, even as poor as the Colts have been playing recently.
Scientific Pick: Indy

NY Giants at Dallas
This should actually be a great game. The Giants, after getting embarrassed by us, have played good football in beating the Skins and Falcons, while the Cowboys outplayed the Eagles, only to lose, and destroyed the Texans. Both my quarterbacks will be playing, trying to get me out of a four week fantasy losing streak continued last week solely because of Edge James record-breaking night of futility.
Scientific Pick: Dallas

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