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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rampant Speculation!

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice in not owning a TV. Like every Sunday for the last month or so. Then I see all the retarded speculation about Pinella and A-Rod and all the "What went wrong?" stories are STILL the main headlines, and I am again justified. I also hate John Kruk.

I do enjoy the odd sound bite I get out of Pinella every once in a while with all this attention. He does great interviews, let me tell you.
Reporter: "Yankees. Rampant speculation. New York. Your thoughts?"
Lou: "Is that a question?"
Reporter: "No seriously, are you moving to New York to manage a certain team I'm contractually obligated to blather on and on about even if they suck?"
Lou: "#$%@ you."

My favorite piece of rampant speculation is this, found in our own Seattle PI. Something about trading Beltre for A-Rod and $2.5 million.
It's Rams week.
Let's put the focus back where it belongs--not on Ichiro's backstory, Oklahoma City, or the Yucking Fanks, but on the NFC CHAMPION Seahawks. (UW football being a decent 2nd)

Will our secondary stand up to the enigmatic Bulger and Rams receiving corps?
Will Mo Mo carry my fantasy team to glory?
Will our offensive line play like it did against the Bears... or the Giants? How are those injuries coming along anyhow?
Will Kaz miss multiple tackles, beating backs to the hole but closing his eyes and covering his face in the fetal position at the critical moment? Speaking of baseless speculation: Goodness I hope he starts. Right in the middle.
Will Haselback be compared to Favre: 2005 edition or Favre: Norse legend?
Will I ever work again as a cabinet maker?
Will I attend a meeting of bloggers (balding single men with paunches) about the Mariners and pay for it?
Will Calculon's evil twin brother ever walk again?

Speculate people.

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At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Ryan Hanson said...

I speculate that it will be revealed that Calculon's twin brother is actually his clone lover who actually has super powers.

Also Seattle will beat the Rams.


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