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Monday, October 30, 2006

Low Expectations

I really enjoyed the game yesterday. Crap-tastic defense aside, I think my expectations were so low I was able to let go of the fact that this game looked more like UW vs. USC than it did an NFL game. I was expecting sloppy, but sloppy shoddy offense, not defense. Sloppy D makes for an entertaining game.

Reasons why I was able to enjoy the loss:
1) We scored 28 points without a running game.
2a) We made big plays and our receivers showed some spark, despite the dropped balls.
2b) I thought there was no way Deion Branch got that ball. Even more amazing was the refs reversed the call.
3) Turnovers and KC mistakes kept us right in the middle of things. Honestly, KC didn't look very good in this win. They almost handed us the game a number of times in the second half. The only difference in the defenses was one could rush the passer (KC) and the other was chasing LJ.
4) My wife makes very good chocoalte chip cookies, which were consumed liberally throughout the contest.

Things I'm not dwelling on in an attempt to remain optimistic:
1) The horrible tackling. Good Lord, our DB's play like they have no arms. Boulware, that means you.
2) 3rd downs on defense.
3) Complete lack of a running game.

The best news of all? Next week is home against Oakland. Booyah.

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