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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Let the Rampant Baseball Speculation Begin!!

I remember, not so long ago, when the moment M's regular season tickets went on sale, there I was, with a schedule already planned out, up at the ticket station purchasing 6-8 games. This past year? I think I went to two. Suffice it to say, I've tracked this team but am not a big enough fan to watch boring baseball and pay for the privilege. Now the offseason has begun, and the excitement of next year actually providing us a reason to care is already percolating. I have to admit I was fairly surprised at the speed of USSM's "What I Would Do This Offseason" post, not even waiting until the end of the division series... I must not have been the only one bored with September.

Then Bavasi (who I generally like, especially his handling of the farm system) and Mike Hargrove (uber-suck specialist) were brought back... and my excitement for next year is already at a minimum. Still, rampant speculation is fun.

While we're having fun, let's make a few ground rules.

1. Criticizing Mike Hargrove for overplaying washed up veterans for a season and then advocating bringing in Jim Edmonds is not cool. At this point you're pretty much setting Hargrove up to fail.

2. Criticizing "Benuardo" seems a little stupid after a two month sample. Don't we "statheads" tend to live in a world of projections? How can we be so down on Broussard after being so high on him before? Doesn't he deserve a little longer of a shot?

3. Any offseason plan that doesn't involve Dice-K or Schmidt (preferably both) isn't even worth reading.

4. Rafael Soriano in rotation = okay. Mark Lowe in rotation = awesome. Nod to Dr. Detecto on this one. Either are significantly better than Cha Seung Baek or Jake Woods.

5. Make no reference to Jacque Jones, please, for the love of all that's holy.

Anyways, I'm really enjoying reading some thoughts already (like most of what USSM wrote, can't wait to see more from them), and this should be an exciting and pivotal offseason. The M's are on the brink of either setting up shop as a .500 team for 5 years or making a real playoff push. What Bavasi does will help determine that path. I can't wait (although since it's happening during football season, it gets about 10% of my attention span).

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