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Monday, October 09, 2006

Lack of Gloating Posts Disturbs Me...

There is an unusally light smattering of posts in the Mariner blogosphere dealing with the best story of the weekend, that being the Yankees getting themselves eliminated again, and A-Rod choking again. I know Colin has become a weak-kneed pansy about A-Rod, and so "feels bad" for how it's turned out for him, but I still like watching him suck. So I'm a bitter, cynical jerk. If you've read this site for long enough that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Frankly, I feel the comparatively easy series win for the Tigers proves a fairly standard baseball thesis when it comes to roster creation... good pitching beats good hitting. The Yankees (hopefully you've all seen the stats so I don't need to take the three minutes to Google them) were arguably the best offensive lineup in the history of the game. The Tigers had Justin Verlander, Kenny Rogers, and Jeremy Bonderman. I would ask all M's sites who take their offseason analysis a lot more seriously than we do to keep this series in mind when attempting to create their personal "Bavasi plans" and to encourage the M's to think "pitching pitching pitching" and avoid "Jim Edmonds".

The bad news for the M's with the Yanks loss is that they will probably be far more interested themselves in some of the free agent arms on the market. Barry Zito is already being fitted for the stripes, and the posting numbers for Dice-K might be more astronomical than previously thought. Jason Schmidt is, at this point, the only free agent frontline starter who I think the M's really have the edge on (note: this would be called pure speculation... never trust me as an insider, I will lead you far astray).

Oh... and go Huskies! That game against USC was another highlight. Yes, you lost, but man, did you look good in doing so. Now you get to dominate the weaklings from Oregon State (to OSU alum who read this post, I'm sorry, your team sucks) and really start reestablishing UW's upper echelon status in the Pac-10. Not too shabby, Ty Willingham. Can't wait for next season and Jake Locker.

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