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Monday, October 02, 2006

It's a jump... to conclusions mat!

Sunday night was embarrassing. We played about as poorly as I can remember and I found myself justifying the game in my mind like I did for much of the '90's, "If Hassleback didn't... if Shaun... if Tatupu... if, if if"
It makes me sick. Which is why no one here has posted a recap of the game... in fact, we're avoiding the subject with me here to ramble on about the top 12 or so teams because Gavin asked me to. Lazy bastard.

  1. Chicago (4-0) :: They're the unbeaten team with balance and above average special teams. Oh yeah, and their defense kicks serious "patootie", as a certain sister in-law of mine would say. They ripped the Hawks a new one and looked great doing it.
  2. Indianapolis (4-0) :: Since scoring more points than the other team is how you win, the Colts win a lot of games. Pretty simple.
  3. Cincinnati (3-1) :: With six teams at 3 and 1, a lot of fans think their team is going to the playoffs. Cinci fans are right. St. Louis fans are not.
  4. Baltimore (4-0) :: Sure, San Diego has been the only team worth beating on their schedule so far, but beat them they did. They're allowing less than 10 points a game people. And I can't argue against four wins, even if the last two were squeakers and I think McNair is getting lucky.
  5. San Diego (2 -1) :: Speaking of good D that's not from Chicago, the Chargers have only allowed 23 points in three games, while racking up over 80 of their own. LT better prove me right against the Steelers.
  6. Denver (2-1) :: Lisa will get a kick out of this, but anytime Denver has a running back and isn't allowing teams to score, they tend to win. I pick them to beat Baltimore next week partly because they're at home and partly because I can't fit a 5-0 Baltimore into my preconceived notions.
  7. Dallas (2-1) :: The blinky guy on TV said they're pretty good, so I'm gonna go with that.
  8. Philadelphia (2-1) :: You mean TO is on a different team now?
  9. New Orleans (3-1) :: Meh.
  10. Seattle (3 - 1) :: I'm ranking Seattle here because after the minimal research I've done, I've concluded that we're still better than the Falcons and Rams. At least the Seahawks beat the Giants.
  11. Falcons (3-1) :: Vick still can't pass, but they've picked up three wins in an increasingly tough NFC South. Tough? Maybe I mean overrated. I forget.
  12. St. Louis (3-1) :: I can't put it off any longer. They scored 42 on a team we scored 9 so I can't give them too much crap. Still, they lost to the 49ers, which is why I still hear a giant sucking sound. What's that on the horizon? A downward spiral?

And I'm done. Considering the fact that I've already lost the polished, spell checked piece I wrote last night and Alana's computer is so freaking slow I'm typing faster that it can render on-screen... I'm out. Anyone need a carpenter for the next few days? Seriously.

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At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baltimore has McNair, not McNabb. You have your black Scots confused.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger nach said...

Damn. Shows you about how reliable this list is, eh?


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