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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Game Seven: Hawks at Kansas City

I should title this post "Game That No One in Their Right Mind Should Have Any Clue About" because the storylines for this matchup are far less than inspiring.

Frankly, if you aren't a fan of either team, I don't think I'd TIVO this one, especially if, as rumored, Damon Huard is unable to go. Then you have Brodie Croyle going up against Seneca Wallace. FAAAAAAN-Tastic.

I'm writing this from the friendly confines of L-town, WA, in town after watching a very funny musical entitled, "Urinetown". That's right... Urinetown. Instead of referring to the Arizona Cardinals, it actually is the name of a location. If you like watching a lot of characters pass on, enjoy random exposition, and a show that rips off tons of other musicals, it's for you. Anyways, just my attempt to enrich the cultural lives of our few readers... especially since, according to our city leaders, basketball doesn't have any such effect, and with that starting up...

Speaking of which, how about that Robert Swift injury? Are we just cursed right now? Spencer Hawes has his own knee injury for the UW Men's team. If I was Lofa Tatupu, I'd be covering myself in bubble wrap to avoid the ACL tear headed his way, because just about every other important player recently has gone down. Ray Allen is next. I just know it. Also, I don't care about basketball yet.

I also don't care about the World Series or the Cardinals, especially since David "King Grit" Eckstein received the MVP award, proving yet again that the award is worthless. The fellows over at FireJoeMorgan have to be choking on their own bile over that one.

So... this game... not really sure what to write. One the one hand, we have a new quarterback, so all our passing numbers can be thrown out the window, and a new offensive line (enter Rob Sims, exit Spencer/Locklear), so even more offensive numbers are gone. If we score 20 points in this game I would be thrilled. The Chiefs defense is starting to look shaky after an impressive first few weeks, and I would call their numbers to still be skewed.

As for their offense, if it's Croyle at QB, all they have is Larry Johnson, who is a great back, but (outside of that 94 yard abomination a week ago) he runs into the strength of our defense. If you can't throw over the top on us (enter: Jordan Babineaux, who is definitely not as good as Boulware, but should at least not allow multiple 50 yard completions against us) you will have problems moving down the field. What's so frustrating about our defense is that they are so talented. We continue to force the opposition to face a third and long, and then let them off the hook. It's ridiculous.

What do I think is going to happen? I have no legitimate idea. I think it's going to be ugly. I think Arrowhead is a tough place to play, and I think we have zero things on offense to be optimistic about. At the end of the day, this is a long, ugly game that Kansas City pulls out 17-13.

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