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Monday, October 02, 2006

Enter the Blog Flame War!!

Perhaps this could be titled... Debate 201...

So a good blog friend of ours (who we believe to be one of the top two M's sites on the WWW) took a few things we said last week about prayer, science, Jesus, and donkeyballs, and used it to write a fairly lengthy essay on how to debate with prepubescents. Didn't actually see it until this morning.

I have to admit I am more than a little confused. Generally speaking, the purpose of debate is a back and forth discussion of ideas. I posted on Shaun's magical foot, he responded... and apparently didn't read my response to his comment.

"Science v. Religion is a fascinating study that unfortunately gains traction in bad directions when prominent Christians such as Alexander make claims before any credible analysis can be done... hurts those of us who attempt to discuss faith rationally."

Generally speaking, this would be called "counterpoint" to his first comment. In Debate 101, it apparently means "nothing", because there is no further response.

When Colin and I established this blog, we did so with the express emphasis to try not to bring our faith or political leanings in too often. In this often fractious society of ours, sports can be a uniter, and we will continue to try and be fairly agnostic as we discuss the Seahawks, M's, and Oklahoma City Sonics.

To read us is to understand that:

1. We're not funny, but we'll make the effort.
2. We are lifelong Christians who have a deep commitment to our faith
3. We are lifelong Seattle sports fans

Luckily, we are committed enough to our faith to be able to poke fun at it, such as in the example of Shaun. His claim, shuttled around the newswire all day, is EXACTLY why the science versus religion debate still rages. Making an absurd statement such as that without any evidence is, in our opinion, a terrible witness, and puts Christians in the light of uneducated yokels, unable to wait for a simple MRI.

There is a great link between science and religion, of being able to use science to better understand the divine, of admitting how our own internal biases make true objectivity a pipe dream. There are multiple terrific thinkers out there writing essays on this... and to have prominent Christians like Shaun make public claims like this sets their work back years.

Luckily, we are also reasonable fellows, who think this particular blog (who, in our opinion, could have done better with a couple of deep breaths and additional attempts at communication with us before airing his feelings) is a great guy, a deep thinker, and (again, since we're not funny) could have genuinely misinterpreted our statements. So, we apologize for any slights, both real and perceived. It was definitely not our intent to insult or offend (well, maybe a little), and we're sorry.

Blog flame wars are also stupid... and I think we're all pissed off enough right now about how the Hawks played last night without bringing other crap into the mix. Anyone who's more interested about this debate should probably just read "Personal Knowledge" by Michael Polanyi.

Colin: A small couple of additions.... I want to thank this "other blogger" for using a picture of storm-troopers to illustrate our style of debate. There were many pictures that he could have chosen, but storm-troopers were an excellent choice to ridicule a fine couple of nerds such as ourselves. Secondly, I still reserve the right to make fun of Gavin in all respects. Gavin is a turd sandwich and, as much, must be openly mocked, lest his ideas be permeated all over the internet. No matter what anyone says or writes, I should (nay, I MUST) continue in my sworn duty.

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At 1:42 AM, Blogger DrDetecto said...

Thanks for the clarification here and via e-mail amigos.

The storm troopers didn't represent anybody, especially you. :- )

Yes we did genuinely misinterpet. Our own blog also transmits the cease-fire.

Cheers and salutations,

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

Dr Detecto rules!


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