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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Now, before I call out ESPN for any East Coast bias, I must admit that they DO have the Seahawks ranked #1 in their useless power rankings, which must have no bearing on their actual picks in the postseason.

The good news? Everyone (EVERYONE) believes that the Hawks will win the NFC West. Wow. No one went out on a limb and picked the Cards, huh? Actually, no one picked the Cards, or the Rams, to make the postseason in any way possible. That surprised me greatly, because of the Cards-love I had been hearing all offseason, and actually ticked me off a little for two reasons. One, I believe that the Cards DO actually have a shot to make the postseason due to their schedule and the fact that the NFC East and NFC South teams beat up on each other. Two, now I can't rip on any experts for pouring too much love on the Cards, which has been my greatest joy these past two years.

Ah well.

The (bad) (who cares) news? Out of 12 experts, only 3 of them believe the Hawks are going back to Miami - John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli (who, I'm sure, actually hurts our chances of returning to glory), and Sports Inc. (home of Jeremy Green.... ouch).

One brave Steelers-loving soul, Merril Hoge (I never know how to spell his first name, and I'm too lazy to look it up), picked the Cowboys to get to the Super Bowl.

The remaining 8 experts all heap a helping of love on, yes, the Carolina Panthers.

Of course, a majority of those same people had the Panthers losing in the Super Bowl to the Colts, which tickled my funny bone just a little bit.

Seriously, though, not too much to complain about. It's incredibly hard to think about the postseason before the regular season commences, so the picks that matter here are the ones about the NFC West, and everyone went with Seattle, which I appreciate.

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