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Monday, September 18, 2006

Week Two Recap: Seahawks 21, Cardinals 10

When Gavin and I began to blog here at Crushed Optimists, our original plan was to include our good friend Nate Acheson as a co-blogger, since he's freaking hilarious and we sort of grew up as Seattle sports fans together (we also had no girlfriends growing up, which helped the relationship). Unfortunately, Nate was serving missionary work in Uzasdjflsdjkl and Kazasdkfjssil, PLUS he got married, so he was not able to join up with his buds.

Well, he's back in Seattle, he finally got internet connection, and we are proud to welcome Nate to the land of crushed optimism. I am sure that Nate will measure up to the high (snicker) standards that we set here at CO Inc., and we hope that you enjoy his off-the-wall commentary as much as I will.

Just don't forget who the REAL brain is behind this web site.

Mitch Conners, alias Jennifer Lopez (if you haven't watched that South Park episode, then I can't help you. Help yourself help you.)

Before I touch our game, I want to but into Gavin's scheduled weekly summary tomorrow to wish Bill Simmons and the rest of the St. Louis bandwagon all the luck in the world. You guys rock, you are an excellent prognosticator of talent, and I hope you pay a lot more attention to the NFC West. Hint: The Seahawks are going to win the division. The team from Seattle.

For the Seahawks, this was the second game where the Seahawks came out with a victory, and yet the offense didn't look impressive, leading some to deduce that our offense isn't as good as last year. Again, perhaps..... or perhaps the Seahawks scored 21 points in their first home game LAST year, while scoring a whopping 0 points the entire second half of that game, escaping with a victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Also, perhaps Matt Hasselbeck plays his worst games statistically against the Arizona Cardinals, which is shown again and again throughout the years. STOP FREAKING OUT, PEOPLE!!!

The Good:

-- Once again, this team showed the ability to pick up the intensity when the chips were on the table. The offensive drive that resulted in our third touchdown was a classic Seahawks drive, involving large amounts of Shaun, role players (Morris, Strong), with a dash of Engram and D-Jack. Bam. 7. The Cardinals defense had been owning us for two quarters, Womack had just gotten hurt, and we rocked their world, resulting in the penultimate touchdown of the game. There just wasn't a whole lot of doubt in my mind, even after Matt's boneheaded second interception a few minutes later.

-- D-Jack wants people to consider him a #1 wide receiver. That initial catch that led to the 1st touchdown was a thing of beauty. He was schooling Antrel Rolle just like last year, running precise routes and getting over the top of the secondary. Deion Branch isn't our best wide receiver, not in this system. That title belongs to Jackson.

-- Enough about the offense. The defense was, once again, spectacular. Lofa Tatupu is shrugging off the sophomore slump by once again becoming the quarterback of our defense. Leroy Hill backed up his strong rookie season by becoming an immediate impact player both in rushing the passer and defending the run. Julian Peterson..... well, he's a beast. Our linebacking corps, as of now, is playing phenomenal football, reminding me of the New England defenses of their championship years, where the heart of the defense was in the corps of Bruschi, Vrabel, McGinest, etc.

-- Marcus Trufant played one of the best games I have ever seen him play. Larry Fitzgerald was a ghost, making a few big catches, but not playing a big role whatsoever in the outcome of this game. That's impressive. That's really, really impressive. Fitzgerald is quickly becoming a top-5 receiver in this league. If Trufant is a shut-down corner, then our defense becomes that much more potent.

-- Once again our pass rush showed up to play, with several sacks and constant pressure on the immobile Kurt Warner. No one had two sacks, but several individuals had one sack. That's blitzes coming from all sides, with a team-based rushing scheme.

The Bad:

-- Once again, Grant Wistrom might as well not have shown up for this game. Where is this guy? Why are we paying him obscene amounts of money to do absolutely nothing? Actually, where is Bryce Fisher?

-- If Willie Ponder is taking up a roster spot, and possibly costing Hackett a spot, shouldn't we get, well, anything from our return game? Any joe schmuck can get it to the 20-25 yard line.

-- Kelly Herndon got absolutely abused on the long touchdown, but he actually played well besides that, so I won't move him into ugly territory.

-- The rushing game (and the offensive line in general) also improved to the bad range. Keep Chris Spencer in, Holmgren, because the second year player shone from the moment that he was brought in to replace Womack, who was, yet again, struggling with both aspects of his game. Walter Jones is limping, which is drastically hampering his mobility on stretch runs and cutbacks. However, we still got over 130 yards rushing, and Shaun SHOULD have had 100 yards except for the fact that Holmgren, as is his wont over the years, completely disregarded the rushing game from the beginning of the second quarter to the last minutes of the third quarter. Seriously, for half the game it was pass, pass, pass, pass, punt. Oh, and anyone who saw Shaun close to the goal line yesterday...... he's ready to roll. Just give him the ball, man!

The Ugly:

-- Nate Burleson was horrific, dropping several easy passes. Our whole corps dropped five or six total, most directly leading to punts and a loss of field position. Come on, people. This isn't 2004.

-- Ryan Plackemeier had a terrible game, with poor punts and a bad hold that resulted in a missed field goal. I don't mean to get on the rook, but, c'mon. You have, like, two jobs. You're on the field for about 40 seconds total. Do your job.

-- Hasselbeck looked rattled several times, and that second INT was just terrible. Atrocious. The first one, that ruined a promising drive, was a stupid decision as well.

-- Come back, Stevens! We need a tight end! Right now the only safety valve for Hasselbeck is Mack Strong for a 1 yard gain. We need that big target to show up over the middle. Obviously Mili has decided that he doesn't want to be any part of the offense (and now he's injured).

Bottom Line: We are now 2-0, and that feels awesome, especially with a game lead over the rest of the division. The offense is making improvements, and I expect them to come out Sunday with their best game of the young season against a Giants defense that is extremely vulnerable against the pass. Our defense is showing signs of dominance, but it's too early yet to make any large conclusions about their play.

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