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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Scientific Method: Week One

You know the feeling when you spend an hour putting together a nice post and then, right when you are ready to post it, your computer freezes up and you lose everything? Yeah. That's me right now.

No, I'm not rewriting it. Just imagine this post in awesome form instead of its current state.

Pittsburgh at Miami
Batch sucks. Culpepper doesn't.
Scientific Pick: Miami

Atlanta at Carolina
For some reason, Vick does really well against the Panthers
Scientific Pick: Atlanta

Baltimore at Tampa Bay
I don't believe the hype about the offense in Baltimore being all that.
Scientific Pick: Tampa Bay

Buffalo at New England
Putting an unproven QB against a Belichick defense is a form of cruel and unusual punishment
Scientific Pick: New England

Cincinnati at Kansas City
Wow, Carson Palmer has sure looked good. Wow.
Scientific Pick: Cincinnati

Denver at St. Louis
Upset special of the week, compadres. St. Louis is a tough place to play.
Scientific Pick: St. Louis

New Orleans at Cleveland
Drew Brees and Reggie Bush begin the new era of Saints football the right way.
Scientific Pick: New Orleans

NY Jets at Tennessee
Never pick the NY Jets in a game this season. Do it, Colin.
Scientific Pick: Tennessee

Philadelphia at Houston
Remember, McNabb was a Pro Bowl quarterback just by himself before T.O.
Scientific Pick: Philly

Seattle at Detroit
Lot of questions will be asked if Seattle blows this game at Ford Field.
Scientific Pick: Seattle

Chicago at Green Bay
How about two upsets? Rex Grossman could give this game to Green Bay by himself.
Scientific Pick: Green Bay

Dallas at Jacksonville
Two evenly matched teams, except Drew Bledsoe remains the quarterback of one of them.
Scientific Pick: Jacksonville

San Francisco at Arizona
Behold the power of the Cardinal!
Scientific Pick: Arizona

Indy at NY Giants
Only one of the Manning brothers is an All-Pro. Only one.
Scientific Pick: Indy

Minnesota at Washington
I shudder to think of Brad Johnson trying to stay in the pocket against the Redskins rush.
Scientific Pick: Washington

San Diego at Oakland
Why do the Raiders always get prime-time games, even when they suck?
Scientific Pick: San Diego

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