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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Let the Countdown Begin!!

I am back from my trip to the African wasteland, otherwise known as L-Town, and would like to give a shout-out to the Crushed Dad for two great performances in Sound of Music and Music Man. It's always good to be reminded just where I got all this darn charisma.

Enough about musicals. It's man-time. We are two days away from the official start to the NFL season. A few storylines we will be prepared to hear about ad nauseum...

- Eli and Peyton Manning. Did you hear that they're brothers? Did you know that? My God!
- That Terrell Owens fellow. But you're never going to read about him here at C.O.
- Ben Roethlisberger's appendicitis. Woe to Steeler fans! Woe!
- Tom Brady's impending deification. Just wait, a religion will form shortly.
- Pete Prisco's a moron... oh wait... you will hear about that ad nauseum here...

Anyways, I am too friggin' excited for this all to get underway. I have already informed my golfing buddies that our winter tee times will only take place on Saturdays (or weekdays, if I'm feeling especially evil/lazy).

A few items of note as I was crossing the interweb.

John Clayton, you're right. It is all about the schedule. Our schedule is easy. Carolina's is hard. That would be Reason #11,338,095.9394 why the preseason Panther hype is absurd. Wait, they're "road warriors"! That's why they came to Seattle last year and, wait for it, got plastered. Actually, that happened in 2004 as well. Good thing they have Keyshawn Johnson now though. That's the difference maker they needed.

The only person I want to have daily access to a voodoo doll this year is Petey Prisco, who starts the Hawks in his Power Rankings at #8, right below the Cowboys. Attention Petey Prisco... thank you for providing the staff of Crushed Optimists with enough venom to get us through yet another NFL season. What would we do without you? Life would be too cuddly... after all, your compatriot in ineptitude, Clark Judge, has this to say about the Hawks:

"You look for that hole that says, "Yep, this is just another Super Bowl loser warming up for a January tee-time." But the hole's not there. In fact, this team looks better than the one that won 13 of its last 15 in 2005. "On paper, I think we are," said coach Mike Holmgren. On the field, I think they are, too."

This is SO Bizarro-World. No one is picking the Cardinals to make the playoffs. Clark Judge is already a Hawk believer. Again, thank God for Petey Prisco (and minorly for Petey King).

So, what are the Crushed Optimists up to this week? Well, we're going to have a bit of a running dialogue about the Hawk offense today. Tomorrow Colin will have his Week One picks out while I'm in Boise, teaching Mormons how to program microcontrollers. The rest of the week will conclude with more on the Hawks and our season prognostications. I'm not sure I can do better than last year, when I correctly picked the Super Bowl winner, and three of the four teams in the championship games. At least I think I picked the Steelers... I'm not proud of it and I'm too lazy to take the two minutes to pull up the archives and check.

It's almost game time, fools!

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