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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hawks Make A Move

According to, the Hawks have agreed to ship their 2007 1st Rd pick to New England for the rights to Deion Branch, who would probably then sign the six year, 36 million dollar contract we agreed to a couple of weeks ago.

There a few different ways of looking at this:

1. The Hawks are panicking after a win that was way too close for comfort. Hasselbeck had an insane completion percentage mainly by throwing to Mack Strong. Nate Burleson doesn't understand the offense. Darrell Jackson's knees will give out any second.

2. When you have the chance to pick up a #1 wide receiver who's been huge in two Super Bowls you jump at the opportunity.

There's probably a little bit of truth to both. As we've written multiple times before, the loss of Joe Jurevicius was big, and since (for some reason) Ruskell decided we would be better off without Peter Warrick our depth at WR is pretty doggone poor. Burleson is still learning the intricacies of the offense, and it may take him the entire season to feel comfortable. It's a tough offense.

D-Jack has a really bad knee. Bobby Engram is getting older himself. We need depth.

Getting a WR like Branch is a major coup for us, and with a drafter like Ruskell, we can feel confident in our ability to get value in the second round (Tatupu, Tapp, Boulware, Hamlin), and our pick in the first should be high enough to almost be a second rounder (possibly even the last pick before the second round). Remember, the Patriots backed off as well. They wanted two first round picks.

The more targets in the West Coast offense, the better it is. It is a passing oriented attack, and we have seen that defenses like Dallas that have two solid cover corners can beat it. However, if we are able to stretch that 3-4 with four quality WRs, we now have an advantage, and can open up holes as well for Shaun.

Branch isn't going to make much of an impact the first half of the season (at least I'd be pretty darn surprised). He's missed training camp, minicamps, etc. He's going to need to learn the West Coast as well. However, we should be excited about the additional talent that Hasselbeck will be throwing to.

Now, if only our offensive line could block...

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At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

My guess is that they were working on this trdae all weekend, not panicing after Sunday.


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