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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crowd Noise

So there's nothing better to do than stir up a little ruckus over the noisiness at Qwest as Gavin realizes the limits of sports as a means to life-fulfillment.

I was there Sunday and it was loud. Is the crowd being amplified artificial? It's possible. Do I think it's funny the subject only comes up as the Giants head back to town? (11 false starts and umpteen missed field goals) You bet.

Why is Qwest the loudest stadium in professional football? Some guesses:
- the caffeine and anger at sucking so much for so long add up to really loud desperation
- beer sales don't stop at the 7th inning
- there's no NASCAR track anywhere close up here, so all the white trash can focus exclusively on football
- Mike Hargrove isn't bungling things up
- there are only 7 other home games, most of which you probably aren't going to, unless you are, and that means you laid down some serious cash and can't afford NOT to cheer real loud
- there hasn't been anything to cheer for like this in a long time
- we know the Hawks will suck again, one day... we're just not sure when, exactly

Also, this guy is an idiot. I know it was written last year, but still... idiot. Why sell tickets if the contest is supposed to be decided by the participants alone? This isn't golf. Golf fans would cheer if Tiger tackled VJ on the fairway and Garcia stiff-armed Mickelson to the ground as he left the tee box.

Think of it--full contact golf. It's not the number of strokes that counts but who gets the ball in the hole FIRST!

I'd cheer anyway.

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