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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Shaun Alexander made some headlines this morning by proclaiming himself healthy for next Sunday night's big game against Chicago and credited prayer with miraculously healing his broken foot.

In other news, after repeated efforts to duplicate this effect, my back still hurts. What's up with that, deity?

Unfortunately, the bane of religions everywhere, that whole "science" thingy, showed up to dampen Alexander's enthusaism by pointing out in a test today a crack on his fourth metatarsal (thanks to Mike Sando). So Maurice Morris will still be our starting tailback and Alexander can pray that Morris doesn't get annihilated by the Bears strong defense.

Luckily, we can still credit "prayer" with its role in replacing the NY Giants secondary with timid squirrels.

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At 5:44 PM, Blogger DrDetecto said...

Great blog, guys.

The whole science thingy is interested in seeking *conditions* and correlations such as "water is solid IF below 32 Fahrenheit" and "light moves in a straight line UNLESS in curved space / near a huge mass" and "my child can ask me for a bicycle IF he shares my last name..."

The science thingy even recognizes *complex* conditional statements such as "an object free-falling under the influence of gravity has an acceleration of X unless friction acts against it and terminal velocity has not been attained" or "my child can ask me for a bicycle IF he shares my last name AND he has not mouthed off to his mother AND I do not anticipate his riding it onto the busy street we live on..."

Who can pray to the Almighty and expect positive results is a philosophical question that has puzzled greater minds than ours, such as Isaac Newton's.


Shawn Alexander vs. a rational theism, that's cool.

Communication with the deity vs that science thingy, uncool. Some tremendous scientists, including the best one of all time (Newton) and a huge number in 2006, reject the idea that even a little knowledge of the science thingy obviates belief in God.

Great blog, seriously.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

Thanks, Dr. D.

Science v. Religion is a fascinating study that unfortunately gains traction in bad directions when prominent Christians such as Alexander make claims before any credible analysis can be done... hurts those of us who attempt to discuss faith rationally.


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