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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

We figured it would probably be a good idea for the blog to not just become "NFL Preview Blog" for the next month or so, and since Colin is too darn lazy to do anything but the bare minimum the task falls to me.

It's alright. I'm used to carrying this blog thing anyways.

I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I am actually fairly relieved that the M's are now "officially" out of it. As Colin has written multiple times, the M's were not and are not a playoff team. However, as we will continue to opine, this has been a successful season and has restored a lot of optimism to Mariner Nation. In 2007 we will be fighting for a playoff spot and it won't be from five games under .500. This means we can continue to give Adam Jones much-needed major league ABs (I'm in the Dr. Detecto camp on this one, lined up against LL and USSM)... many of these same people were screaming at Jose Lopez to pick it up while Lopez had already proved his ability to dominate AAA pitching. Experience at the major league level... pretty necessary for hitters.

Falling out of contention means that the M's don't have any silly emotional attachments to Gil Meche and throw millions of dollars at his inferior talent. We can finally bid his sorry ass goodbye. While he has become a decent #4 starter, some dumb yokel is going to pay him $9 million a year to lose games for them. This offseason will be very upsetting to me if Bill Bavasi is that yokel.

Maybe Mike Hargrove can be fired? Is that too much to ask? Any manager who would try and put a positive spin on getting drubbed... again... by the A's should not be around.

So while it is disappointing to get beaten by the A's again, it wasn't difficult to predict when you saw the pitching matchups... and that's why we would be stupid to focus our efforts in the offseason on ANYTHING other than starting pitching.

- I think national NFL beat writers must have agreements with teams to write their season previews in the most glowing terms possible. David Carr is getting yelled at? Why, the Texans must be the surprise team of the year! The Minnesota Vikings are "solid"? Punch them a ticket to Miami! I swear, if any of these pundits actually did their jobs and wrote about the actual team one might learn something through their mediocre efforts.

- Congrats to the MLS All-Stars for beating Chelsea 1-0. While I may rag on the MLS consistently (and avoid it at all costs), any international success is good for US Soccer, and I'm becoming a big fan of the coach (also of DC United). I'm bummed I'm missing out on Wednesday's DC United - Manchester United tilt at Qwest, have turned down tickets from Adidas, but El Jefe will be there and we look forward to his recap, full of spaces between his paragraphs.

- Finally, if any of you are like me and sometimes feel like you're reading Hebrew on a sabermetric site on baseball, read this helpful glossary to get yourself up to speed.

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At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Jacob said...

Real Madrid, not Man U.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Gavin said...

... or Real Madrid, which if I wasn't in a drunken stupor while writing this crap I would have remembered.


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