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Monday, August 28, 2006

PPP - Dallas Cowboys

I have to admit, I'm starting to get more with Colin on this whole "write a preview for every NFL team" notion... it's harder than it looks.

Reason 1: We're lazy
Reason 2: There're only so many ways to dissect a team. In other words, I'm writing the same preview about ten times, only changing the teams involved. This is because most NFL teams have the exact same problems. They're weak in the offensive line and overrated in one or two other ways because of their greats yards-per-game statistics.

Take the Dallas Cowboys, for example. A few, including Petey King, have picked them as the NFC Super Bowl representatives for no other apparent reason than the need to suck Jerry Jones' proverbial teat for the season. Apparently Terrell Owens and his mega-baggage can do that for a club.

There's only one problem with this prediction... it's not based on the remotest link to actual fact. That's when I wonder exactly what they teach in journalism classes in college, and I do really believe that any prospective sportswriter should take a few 200 level statistics courses, just to get rid of all those ridiculous "intangibles" notions out of their heads (like the crap I had to see on today).

Fun fact: Only the Falcons and the Redskins in the NFC rushed more than the Cowboys, because apparently Bill Parcells, master of the universe, keeper of the keys of Enthalus, light of Indithor, creator of the dark God Mysoti, isn't exactly the incredible coach people make him out to be. The Cowboys could not run the football for squat last year, and I don't even have to look at the pathetic 3.6 ypc (hey, if the stat is low you know it's bad), but at Julius Jones, who wrecked my fantasy team last year. So now all the talk's about how Julius Jones has "learned" and "put in so much time in the offseason" and is "bigger, faster, stronger than before". Whatever. I'm still avoiding him like the plague during our draft this weekend. So we've established that the 'Boys have a mediocre rushing offense.

Passing? Well, they gave up sacks at an insane rate for an elite team, 9.3% adjusted sack rate, fifth from the bottom in the NFL. Since Drew "Human Statue" Bledsoe is still quarterbacking, that means sacks and fumbles. Now, Bledsoe can definitely still wing it around, and with good talent like T.O., Terry Glenn, and Jason Witten, the Cowboys have enough talent to move it through the air, but just ask the Cardinals what top receiving talent gives you if you can't run the ball effectively. All this to say, no dice on the offense taking them to the next level.

Now, the reason they're in this category instead of the "Only One Pig" is because of the defense, because I like it... a lot. I love the secondary, Roy Williams, Terence Newman. I love the young linebackers like Bobby Carpenter and DeMarcus Ware. This "D" is going to be top 10, I think, and is worthy of some decent hype. They are one of only a few defenses I don't like going against with Seattle, because of how well they match up to our strengths (unlike Carolina). So put me down as a believer that the Cowboys could easily win the NFC East and make the postseason, but the Panthers and Seahawks (not to mention even the Bears) have the inroads to the promised land.

Now that the preview's over with, I should mention that I'm not watching much M's baseball, but it does feel nice to rub Red Sox nation's collective noses into the ground over the weekend. I'm about ready for another curse to start. We'll call it "The Curse of the Insufferable Fan Base" and the Lord will make it so the Sox don't win another Series for another 100 years. Good times.

I'm starting to get a tad concerned about the Hawks' pass defense... another sub-par effort against the Chargers. I'm not concerned about the offensive line blocking. They'll be fine.

I shot a 94 golfing this past weekend. I'm moving up in the world. Although I swung too hard for most of the day and am officially sore.

Oh, and my superstar player in Madden mode was drafted by the... you guessed it... Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, there is no "holdout"mode, so I can't force a trade. I think I'm going to tank it for the couple of seasons until my contract's up and I can leave quickly. Until then, the RB career of Zapp Brannigan will live long and prosper.

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At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little sympathy, my superstar was drafted by the Jets (HB)

First play of the 06 season against the Lions, Alexander 62 yds for the score. Speaking of which, Whitney and I are still planning on being @ your place for the season opener.



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