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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Only One Pig Will Need to Fly: Tennessee Titans

I'll be flat out honest with all of you. I'm up in Seattle right now, visiting Gavin, and we would much rather play "Star Wars: Battlefront" then blog about horrible NFL teams that no one really cares about.

Thus, I bring you our short and sweet take on the team from Tennessee, home of whiskey, Phil Fulmer, and new QB Vince Young, who will be counted on to become the next Steve McNair and lead the Titans back to the Super Bowl.

First, I have to briefly mention that Gavin, Nate, and I watched the NFL Films video of the 2005 Seattle Seahawks. We will blog about this more later. Suffice to say that my stomach did not feel too good after watching the Super Bowl highlights, which was basically the last third of the film. Surprisingly, NFL Films ripped on the refs, which seemed a little out of place, coming from the supposedly objective highlight production crew. Our only explanation is that they thought that would play better in Seattle and make more fans want to buy it.

Honestly? It made me NOT want to buy it. Gavin can keep his. I don't need it as well.

Tennessee Titans
2005 Record: 4-12
Tough Losses: Steve McNair, Brad Hopkins
Excellent Additions: Vince Young, LenDale White, David Thornton

Not much of an offseason to speak of for Tennessee. The only reason they were in the news at all was their idiotic stance on McNair's contract, even going so far as locking him out of the practice facility. This was the quarterback who had fallen two yards short of giving them a Super Bowl title. You might remember that.

Besides that, this is a young, improving team that is well-coached. I really like Jeff Fisher, and know that he will give them the best chance to succeed. It will take a mini-miracle, however, mostly because of the youth and lack of talent present on this squad.

Quarterback: Billy Volek
If I was a Titans fan, I would want Young to watch from the sidelines up until Week 9 or Week 10, and then begin to get real NFL snaps in. It takes time for quarterbacks to learn their ropes. Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning...... it always takes games to understand the speed of the game and begin to make the proper adjustments.

Volek, on the other hand, isn't terrible, but simply isn't good enough to take the taem much over the .500 mark. His arm isn't strong enough and he just doesn't have the physical capabilities. Vince Young, on the other hand, is an athletic freak who I seriously hope DOES become a star in the NFL.

I watched the Rose Bowl. That was one of the most impressive athletic performances I have ever seen. Ever. He beat, by himself, perhaps the best college team of the past ten-twenty years. However, he still needs to learn accuracy and the abilities of a pocket-passer. I really, really, REALLY want him to not become another Michael Vick. He has the talent, the poise, and the leadership ability to be one of the best quarterbacks ever. I will be cheering for him to be just that.

Give him the football, Tennessee. This year.

Running Back:
Chris Brown
LenDale White

Gavin wanted White for our team before we learned that he had gained about fifty pounds eating his grandma's sugar balls. He has now gained the reputation for being a lazy, stupid, piece of crap who might not be the best fit for the NFL. That's all well and good, but I watched plenty of USC football the past few years, and this guy almost impressed me more than Reggie Bush. He was unstoppable, bowling numerous defenders over, and was the true motor of the Trojans offense. That talent doesn't just disappear overnight. Again, I trust the Titans to know this, and get him on the field. Brown is a reasonable back, but he runs standing straight up and always struggles with injuies. Again, the goal of a team is to make it to the Super Bowl. White has the talent, if he has the will, to make that happen.

I should also mention Travis Henry, who seemed to be on the road to stardom in Buffalo before he met Willis McGahee. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect from this guy besides knowing that the Titans have some awesome depth here.

Wide Receivers:
Drew Bennett
David Givens
Tyrone Calico

Welcome, Givens! Yeah! Not great stuff here, obviously, though I love Bennett and all white wide receivers. Where is the explosive player here? Where's the deep threat?

When you look at this offense, you see talent. You see potential. You see opportunity. You don't see anything big happening this year. Allow Young and White time to get their feet wet, and look forward to joining the playoffs again come 2007 or 2008.

The defense looks very similar, depending on Pacman Jones to become a shut-down corner, Kyle Vanden Bosch to remain a top-tier pass-rusher, and Keith Bulluck to keep the linebacking corps in their place. Again, this is a defense that is a little undermanned and "undertalented", but has some nice pieces in place to build on in the coming years.

I like Tennessee. I like the Titans, though I do feel they were jerks to McNair. I believe that Jeff Fisher could pull a miracle and get them in playoff contention this season. I just don't really think it's that probable.

Next year..... two years..... they'll be back.

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Thanks for your time and go Seattle sports!! (Seahawks are taking it this year!)


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