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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Only One Pig Will Need to Fly: Buffalo Bills

I thought I would start out the next grouping with a team that I actually argued with Gavin that we should include in the "No F'ing Way" category. My reasoning for this was simple:

-- JP Losman
-- Kelly Holcombe
-- Dick Jauron

However, Gavin brought up the point that Takeo Spikes was back and healthy, plus Willis McGahee couldn't possibly suck any worse than last year, right? Right?

Maybe I'm just bitter, but this.... THIS was my Arizona Cardinals last season, the team that was my dark horse that would make it to the postseason. I picked their defense for my fantasy team. Big mistake. I also picked, with MY FIRST PICK, Willis McGahee (over Peyton Manning, because I'm a tard). Needless to say, I did not win my fantasy football league, though I did place second because, with my last pick, I chose Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson, by the way, is a much better player than Willis McGahee.

I also have to mention this, but how in the world do you get excited, as a Bills fan, about having Dick Jauron coach your team? The other coaches in your division are Bill Belichick, Eric Mangini, and NIck Saban. Wow. You..... have Dick Jauron, who looks like a 4th grade math teacher and has the personality of mildew. This is a coach that the Detroit Lions didn't want. The Lions. And yet your 94 year old GM thought that he was the best person for the job?

Levy followed up that tremendous move with a draft that, at best, was pitiful and, at worst, devastating to the long term health of the franchise. Picture yourself as a GM. You have just undergone a terrible season where one of the MAIN culprits was quarterback instability. You have a journeyman and a young gunner, both of whom can not be trusted to bring a Super Bowl ring anwhere near the facility.

Well, guess what? Your pick rolls around and there, still on the draft board, sits a franchise quarterback, THE PROTOTYPICAL FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK, the kind of QB that might not be spectacular, but you know he's going to be solid. You could easily team him with McGahee, Price, and Evans, and see where fate took you.

Well, instead of taking the smart approach, they took a safety, Donte Whitner, who most had as, at best, a low 1st rounder and, at worst, a mid 2nd rounder.

Seriously. This should be a no-brainer question. Which is more important to the long-term stability of a franchise: safety or quarterback? The Hawks lost Marquand Manuel over the offseason. Do you hear any pundits declaring them dead for that decision? That's the truly terrible thing. The Bills had a chance to climb out of the gutter. Instead, they plan on sticking with mediocrity a few more years.

Here's a few other points about this team. I'm tired, and this team really isn't that interesting, so feel free to add a comment about the team later on.

1. Willis McGahee can't pick up the tough yards
Believe me. I watched plenty of Bills football last year, mostly because McGahee was on my roster. Sure, the line sucked, but he's just a small back, and it was truly tough for him in short yardage and goal line situations. Sure, if he's out in the open field, he's great, but he needs to have a Shaun Alexander type leap in toughness before he can truly join the NFL rushing elite.

2. Takeo Spikes WAS a huge loss
Look. Spikes = Tatupu. It's that simple. He was the leader of the defense, and he and Sam Adams were the anchors against the run (Adams is now gone, replaced by UW alum Larry Triplett). I can cut their defense a little slack because of that. However, it remains to be seen what Spikes can do sans Adams and sans Lawyer Milloy. The rookie secondary combo of Whitner and Youboty needs to step up in a big way.

3. With Kelly and JP, there is no right answer
Remember when Mel Kiper was agog about the huge talent in JP Losman? Every time he wrote about him you could see the drool on the keyboard. Well, he sucked, and it didn't help that everyone thought the Bills would be a playoff contender, heaping the pressure on the young QB. He couldn't handle it, and in can Kelly, who was good, then bad, then atrocious, then back to good again. So it goes with journeymen like Kelly. Again, the QB is the single most important position on the field. The Bills had a chance to cement that spot for the next decade. They chose not to.

4. The offense has even fewer weapons
I say this because Eric Moulds is gone, replaced by ex-Bill Peerless Price, who learned that you can't be a star wide receiver when your quarterback is flinging the ball 10 yards over your head. If Price becomes again what he was as a Bill, then I take this statement back. Asd it is, you have McGahee, who's stock has gone down considerably in the past year, Losman, who's stock has gone down considerably in the past year, Evans, who can't get anyone to get him the ball, and now Price. That doesn't sound super awesome.

5. Dick Jauron is not a quality head coach
Why in the world did Jauron get this job? My jaw dropped when I heard the news. Basically, this was the capstone in what might have been the worst offseason for any NFL team. Can you think of a worse one? Horrible draft, horrible coaching hire, middling free agency pickups..... this does not sound like a team that can challenge New England or Miami in the AFC East. Heck, even the Jets might be better with Eric Mangini now at the helm (by the way, I do believe he will be a better coach then Herm Edwards, but that's for another day).

Again, the only reason they are not in the previous category is because of Takeo Spikes and some semblence of hope that McGahee will become a superstar again. He might, since I won't be drafting him this season.

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