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Friday, August 18, 2006

Only One Pig: Detroit Lions

Another day, another M's loss to an AL West opponent. Good thing I have a preview about the Detroit Lions to write, or I'd go insane.

That's right, it's time to write yet another lame preview about yet another lame NFL team that none outside of Detroit believes has a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks to making the postseason.

Let me put it this way: When your idea of a successful offseason is installing Rod Marinelli as your head coach, keeping Matt Millen as your GM, and placing Jon Kitna as your starting quarterback, well...... you and I have completely different ideas about the meaning of the word "successful".

The only reason this team stands any chance of making it to the postseason is that the NFC North sucks. Honestly, this might be a worse division then the NFC West, and that's saying something. Plus, this was yet another team that passed on Matt Leinart on draft day, which ticks me off to no end, because it meant that the Cardinals were able to pick him up. I'm still not over that.

Man. I've been sitting here for the past ten minutes, staring at the computer, wondering about SOMETHING interesting to write about the Lions.

I got nothing. I laugh at their problems at wide receiver, I rejoice to discover that Mike Martz is still insane, I pity the fool who believes that this is the year Kevin Jones becomes a quality running back...... but my body is filled with a wide variety of not caring for the fate of the 2006 Lions.

So..... screw this. I'm getting a beer. Back in fifteen.

Mmmmmmmmm. Beer.

OK. Here's a topic I actually care about.

Our fantasy league is drafting a week from Sunday, and I have pick #8 in the first round. Obviously people like LJ, Shaun, and LT will be gone, and Clinton Portis got injured just as I was beginning to contemplate drafting him after he deep-sixed my team two years ago. Here, as I see it, are my realistic options at #8.


Daunte Culpepper - Don't laugh. This guy put up all-world numbers two years ago, and he has excellent coaching behind him in the form of Nick Saban, with Chris Chambers to throw to and Ronnie Brown there to run the football. Sure, this is risky, but the payoff could be huge.

Tom Brady - This guy keeps putting up huge numbers, and should continue to with the deterioration of Corey Dillon, putting the offense solely in Brady's capable hands. The holdout of Branch hurts, though.

Carson Palmer - Same note as with Culpepper. This is a risky pick, but the payoff could be huge. He is more than capable of putting up MVP-ish numbers.

Wide Receivers:

Don't make me laugh. I'm not choosing a wide receiver in the first round, though Larry Fitzgerald remains an excellent 3rd round possibility, as does (gulp) T.O.

Running Backs:

Rudi Johnson - He was extremely consistent for me last year, never sucking but rarely putting up all-world numbers due to the emphasis on the passing game. Still, in a league where you need three quality running backs, someone like Rudi couldn't hurt.

Ronnie Brown - Yet another running back I had last year (I had a pretty money team, losing in the finals to a team generated by the ESPN computer overlords). No Ricky Williams means he's the man, and should put up some neat-o numbers.

Steven Jackson - It's hard for me to actually defend drafting a Rams running back in the first round, but if the Rams are actually serious this year, Jackson might get plenty of carries, and he definitely has the talent to be a stud.

Willis McGahee - I laughed when he called himself the best back in the NFL, but I can't forget the sick numbers he was putting up two seasons ago. The state of the Bills passing attack will hurt, though, as will the atrocious offensive line.

Off the top of my head. I would rather have:
Rudi Johnson
Tom Brady
Ronnie Brown
Carson Palmer
Steven Jackson
Willis McGahee
Daunte Culpepper

Obviously, since I have the 3rd pick in the second round, I should easily be able to pick up two of these players, which should get me off to a reasonable start, with wide receivers entering my brain in the 3rd round. Am I crazy? Probably, since I'm the one who drafted McGahee in the first round last year over Peyton Manning. But we'll see.....

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