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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How Did This Guy Get This Job?

Whenever I ask myself, "Colin, why aren't you a sportswriter for a living?" I tell myself that it's just too hard and I'm just not knowledgable enough.

Answer A is just too stupid, as evidenced by the majority of sports articles being absolute crap.

Answer B was also just proved stupid.

ESPN is trying out having an Insider Blog for each NFL division, including one for the NFC West! So..... what qualifies someone to write a blog on

A. 20 years of being a national sportswriter
B. 10 years of being a national sportswriter
C. 40 years of being a hardcore NFL fan who loves to talk about sports
D. 7 years in the pro personnel department of the Arizona Cardinals, where your duties ranged from the evaluation of collegiate and professional players to the advance scouting of future opponents to negotiating contracts.

So.... assisting the Cardinals, the worst-run NFL franchise, for 7 years makes you worthy of writing a blog on Wowsers.

Check, please.

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