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Monday, August 14, 2006

Classic Overreaction

So this is what happens when Seattle is actually excited about a sports team...

The Seattle Seahawks lost their opening preseason game and the floodgates of criticism opened.

Charges of complacency, rustiness, and general apathy were leveled by the posion pens the like of the News Tribune and Seattle PI.

From the general reaction, one would have thought the Hawks are on their way to an 0-4 opening, the abyss has been created, and local fans are ready to jump.

Here's where we all take a deep breath.

I'll wait...

Good. Don't you all feel better now? This was the FIRST PRESEASON GAME, people! The first! This is not panic time, this is barely caring time. If the Hawks were undefeated in the preseason outscoring their opponents 43-7 I would still not care. You simply cannot tell a team's quality through the preseason. I didn't see anything on Saturday I didn't already know, like that the pass defense is our biggest weakness. I also believe we were the better team (at least in the first half while I was there).

Now is not the time to be concerned, to throw out the dreaded "complacent" label, to question Holmgren's decision-making, or even to write prognostication articles based on results. It is time to enjoy watching young players like Chris Spencer shine, to see Matt Hasselbeck look like he hadn't missed a day, to get excited about just having the spectacle of football around.

The time for an outcry will come. Let's wait two months. Until then, ease up. Focus the rage on the Mariners.

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