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Monday, August 21, 2006

Breaking News: Columnists love to write about the New England Patriots

The question is.... who to believe?

The majestic prose of Michael Ventre, who writes about how New England will win it all this year?

Or the ooey-gooey love letter of Ron Borges, who believes that the Pats have too many question marks?


Well, Ventre's arguments are (in order):

-- Owner Bob Kraft (because he was on the Apprentice, no doubt)
-- Coach Bill Belichick (because he was in another man's wife's pants)
-- They maintain "a level of excellence" over a long period of time
-- Last year was about a "collective mentality" (like the Borg?), where the team tried to "will" themselves to win, but couldn't because of injuries
-- They will retool their roster (by dumping McGinest, allowing Vinatieri to walk, and allowing Branch to hang out to dry over money)
-- They will be stronger, more focused, and more determined (truer words were never written)
-- They are "competent"
-- Other teams can't properly manufacture "desire". How do you, in fact, procure this "desire"? Where might I find some?

-- As a bonus, he believs that the Seahawks could "conceivably" repeat as NFC Champs, but concludes that the Panthers are better through no analysis whatsoever.

Well, I don't know about you, but Ron Borges better bring the shizz-nit, because Michael Ventre just went OFF!

Well, here are the arguments of Borges:

-- Depth is a problem, especially with Bruschi already getting reinjured
-- They have a roster of #3 receivers (of course, they also have one Thomas Brady)
-- The linebacking corps is in disarray
-- Secondary again should be a weak link
-- Oh yeah, they lost the best clutch kicker of our generation
-- Dillon is old and Maroney is unproven

So, they might win it all because they are the New England Patriots (a subsidiary of GodCo), or they might not because they have depth problems across the board.

Well, shucks, them arguments have me all in a twitter. Maybe MSNBC should just trot out some piece of crap about how the Cardinals have a lot going for them going into this season. Wait......

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At 6:14 AM, Blogger Tash said...

The Patriots might have a roster of #3's at WR but their huge depth at TE and RB more then makes up for that. The secondary is much improved. Our new kicker is better then Old Adam. Our starting three LB's are all pro bowlers - but there backups couldn't tackle a punching bag so yeah I'll admit there's some problems there.

But hey! We still have a free ticket to the super bowl because the Patriots are still the best team in the NFL.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger colin_hesse said...

Dang it! Curse your logic, Tash!

If you have a free ticket for the NFC, send it our way, k?


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