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Saturday, August 12, 2006

1st Preseason Game Thoughts

I wasn't able to sell my tickets online so I figured I had nothing better to do tonight than go down and watch the Hawks take on the Cowboys in an utterly meaningless game.

Really, I hate the preseason. It's at least two games too long, the quality of play is sub-UW, and the basic goal is to avoid crippling injuries.

There is one given about football though. It makes me tear up. There were at least four moments in the pregame.

1. When the NFC Championship Banner was unveiled (although they better do it again in Week 2)
2. When Bittersweet Symphony started playing
3. When Shaun Alexander ran out (the noise was absolutely deafening)
4. When the 12th Man flag was raised

Yep, I can be a pansy at times. Those moments are why I have tickets instead of sitting on my couch.

So... game one thoughts...

- Matt Hasselbeck looked good. His only incompletions were the Nate Burleson drop and the Nate Burleson miscommunication.
- The first few runs were all to the right side, so we didn't get a good idea at what Chris Spencer can give at the left guard.
- Our run defense is going to be pretty solid, especially sideline to sideline. Our team speed is terrific.
- The game was uuuuuugly from a penalties standpoint. It was definitely game 1.
- Kelly Jennings has a big learning curve. I was watching him most of the time he was out there. He bites on the short buttonhook routes. Still, the long pass completion he gave up in the first half was not his fault... amazing pass and catch. He was there.
- Mike Green is going to make us forget Marquand Manuel. In fact, I think he's almost a clone... not terrific in coverage, great open field tackler.

Going to football games in Seattle is such a good experience, especially comparatively to M's games. The differences include:
- Cigarette smoke everywhere
- Large men with beer bellies and poorly groomed facial hair
- Drunk middle aged guys who yell obscenities at opposing fans (look, it's the freaking preseason, lay off the poor fellows)
- White trash
- Minorities
- Noise

Basically, there's no contest.

Go Hawks! This was only a taste!

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At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Whitney Acheson said...

I would just like to say that I read your July 19th post and was a little upset that I was misquoted. I did not say anything about wrecking a marriage, but simply "taking my husband away from me" was in the conversation. :) PLUS I didn't even get my name by the quote.

So I guess because this is a SPORTS blog I WILL mention at how upset I am with a recent article I read on Clinton Portis.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? He was my running back (as I glance at my fantasy football list to see what position he actually plays)!!!!! So I am very distraught... *sigh* What a wuss- he better get over that dislocated shoulder. Fast. I have some fantasy booty to kick.

Peace out.


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