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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why I Could Never Be A Sports Radio Host

Every now and then it gets mildly frustrating to listen to the yokels who call in to 950KJR. Take today, for example, where the discussion (of course) centered around Bill Bavasi and his terrific acquisition of Ben Broussard. Did I say "terrific"? I meant "bipolar and ignorant", according to the few who called while I was on the way to grab lunch.

Take "Pete" for example. I don't believe "Pete" will read this blog, since I'm not certain that "Pete" is literate, judging from his impassioned defense of Carl Everett for his "leadership". He managed to completely rationalize away the statistics provided by Broussard by the loss of what Everett brought to the locker room (like huge tantrums). "Pete" might be one of the most ignorant saps I've ever had the displeasure of listening to, and is possibly related to Pete Prisco.

Another caller brought up the same "moral quandary" argument postulated by Keith Law on I am fairly sure that trading marginal prospects for big league talent isn't a "moral quandary". I call it a "steal".

Editor's Note: I know I'm using a lot of quotations in this blog. I like quotations... they are useful grammatical devices. If you don't like it, read USSM... oh... wait...

I'm a little worried about that Player To Be Named Later, although I would assume that there are a few players (Jeff Clement for example) that would not be on it. In fact, I'm 90% sure it's a pitcher, considering that the Indians traded Broussard to open to space for Victor Martinez at first. A catcher like Rob Johnson would be possible, although I would like to keep him around.

All in all, talk radio listeners managed to turn the ignorance meter up to 11 today. Colin and I might not be quite as stat-head'ish as those who write better about the M's than we do (Dr. D, Lookout Landings), but we see enough to know that we just massively improved the weakest part of our lineup, and did it at the expense of two players who were never going to see the light of day in Seattle. Definitely not a Lowe/Varitek for Slocumb trade, which apparently we get to read about until the end of time. Yippee.

Seahawks training camp starts tomorrow! Preseason schedule from Crushed Optimists tomorrow! I got my season tickets in the mail yesterday!

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