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Friday, July 28, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Colin's got the real posts (i.e. the ones you should actually read) later today, but there were a few bits of random idiocy I found trolling through the sports sites I thought I'd point out.

The first has to be this trade of Carlos Lee and prospect to the Rangers for Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, Francisco Cordero and prospect. Let's think about this for a second. The Rangers need pitching. Every day they need pitching. Every waking thought of theirs should be to use their tradeable assets for pitching. So they go out and get Carlos Lee. Look, Carlos Lee is a doggone good hitter, although he's going from a bandbox to a bandbox so I wouldn't assume his power numbers would go up too much. He's also a free agent at the end of the season with absolutely zero guarantee he'll be around later. And the Rangers need pitching.

So yes, Ranger fans, you now have a lineup that include Lee, Young, Blaylock and Teixeira. How exactly is that different from last year, except Teixeira was hitting far better and you substituted Alfonso Soriano for Lee? Yes, Cordero blew some saves, but he also was a legitimate closer for a pair of years. The chance of him rediscovering his ability is greater than a minor leaguer coming up and duplicating it. Kevin Mench was the Rangers' best chance at packaging talent for a good SP. Now he's gone.

If you're a Brewer fan, you have to be excited to have landed a good bat and good arm for someone who was probably going to leave at the end of the season. With the problems Derrick Turnbow's had recently, bringing in Cordero is going to help the bullpen tremendously.

All in all, this is not something that should worry M's fans too much.

On to idiocy #2... NFL Style... where the San Francisco 49ers prove yet again why they are going to absolutely suck for years by making unproven rookie TE Vernon Davis the #1 paid TE in the league. That's right... because Davis ran fast in the combine the 49ers have determined his worth greater than Antonio Gates, Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez. Begin eye rolling in three... two... one...

I simply can't understand the logic behind this. Not only does this put yet another wedge at the good TE the 49ers ALREADY had in Eric Johnson, it invests far too much money in an unproven player in a relatively unimportant position (comparatively to QB, RB, LT etc). This is what happens when the GM equivalent of Woody Woodward takes over an NFL franchise. Terrible, horrible deals. The 49ers will regret this, and every team who has to negotiate with TEs (like us with Jerramy Stevens) will hate them for it.

Idiocy #3... Willie Roaf retires from the Kansas City Chiefs right before training camp. What exactly happened to Roaf to make this decision now? Did Chiefs management insult his mother? This kills the chances (already slim) of the Chiefs making the postseason and makes Colin and I feel much better for where we put them in our Power Groupings (to be revealed approximately whenever Colin gets off his fat duff). This means Kyle Turley will probably start. It's difficult to even write that without my brain feeling the urge to flee.

Final Idiocy, courtesy of Registered Supreme Idiot #482 Clark Judge, in reference to the Philadelphia Eagle.

"The Eagles allowed 113 first-quarter points. Nobody was worse. They also allowed six opponents to score on their first possessions. That's not good. Their 113-62 first-quarter imbalance ranked third from last in the league, and, pardon me, but you don't need an MBA to figure out where all of this leads. You pass. You pass because you have no other choice. When you're behind, the quickest way to make up ground is to throw the ball, and the Eagles did ... a team-record 620 times."

(Deep Breath)

If you go down in the first quarter and resort to throwing the ball, you are a moron. A stupid bleep of a moron. You have a choice. You stick to the offensive game plan. You have three friggin' quarters to make up the points.

Take the game against Seattle for example. The Hawks jump out to a lead. The Eagles panic and start throwing the ball around. The Hawks return them for touchdowns. You don't need an MBA (whatever the hell that statement means) to figure out where that leads.

The running game establishes momentum. It keeps your defense off the field. It grinds time away. It helps establish the play-action to help move the ball faster. You cannot abandon it in the first quarter.

What Clark Judge is really saying in this paragraph?

"Andy Reid is a pass-first coach who completely abandoned the run last season because he panicked in far too many situations. He became enthralled with his own genius and set his hurting quarterback up to be a human punching bag. If I was worth anything as a sports writer I would avoid making ludicrous claims as needing to pass more in the first quarter. Unfortunately, I do most of my writing after a huge bender of smoking basil."

Idiocy away.....

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