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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

This is perhaps a pseudo-Explosion, since I'm not exactly linking to anything, but I hadn't used that title in a while, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. I hadn't blogged for a bit, so here are some nice tidbits to chew on while enjoying these friggin' heat.

- It's really hot outside.

- I have no air conditioning.

- I whine about heat a lot.

Moving on, training camp has started for the NFL. One would think that would mean the return of decent analysis (hell, analysis of any kind) from such pundits as Petey Prisco, Petey King, Clark Judge, etc. One would be wrong. Reading through their tripe today yet again made me yearn for just one shot to replace any of these yokels. Petey King? We can do without the Al Gore plug for An Inconvenient Truth, as well. Clark Judge? Enough of the restaurant and hotel reviews. I could really care less.

While it's great to read about the "headlines entering camp" it just happens to coincide with every other headline we've read about during the offseason. For example, did you know Terrell Owens is going to be a Cowboy? How is he going to work with Drew Bledsoe? This basically means that we hear nothing new... again.

Is decent analysis that hard to come by this year? Maybe we're just paying more attention this time around, as we get more full of our superior capabilities. Maybe the Crushed Optimists just need to step up with our own previews soon (schedule forthcoming this week). All I know is, football can't start soon enough.

Mariner baseball is interesting, at least. I'm starting to read a lot of Dr. Detecto. I don't think he gets quite enough credit in the blogosphere, and this editorial staff will attempt to change that in the coming weeks. His POTD on Mark Lowe was spot-on, same with Adam Jones. While we plan on signing Matsuzaka, I think we have to consider moving Lowe/Soriano into the rotation. That would leave us with Felix, Matsuzaka, Meche (if we do believe this is a reality), Washburn, Lowe/Soriano. If we allow Meche to leave, we also have Fruto/Cruceta waiting in the wings, not to mention the possibility of signing Jason Schmidt in the offseason as well.

All this to say... going into the season, we knew our starting pitching was going to be abysmal. Piniero/Meche were two of the absolute worst pitchers in baseball in 2005. We believed the hitting and bullpen would be improved. At this point, we have gotten more than we bargained for, especially cynics like myself (read some of my posts from the beginning of the season, I sounded like I was getting ready for a 100+ loss season). So instead we gain all this solid young hitting (Betancourt/Lopez), get what could be considered the best closer in M's history (Putz... although Colin believes '95 Norm Charlton might have the edge, but Putz has the edge in youth), not one, but two dominant right handed relievers (Soriano/Lowe), a dominant lefty reliever (Sherrill), and a heck of a lot of optimism. I don't think it's going out much on a limb to say that if we make zero improvements to our offense in the offseason, but sign Matsuzaka and promote Mark Lowe to the rotation we are a playoff caliber squad. Of course, getting rid of Mike Hargrove goes a long way to my optimism in that path as well.

So there it is, my optimism has returned. I am pumped... not necessarily about 2006 (although it would be a nice surprise), but most definitely about 2007.

Nothing really new on the Sonics front. I'm still depressed. I'm thinking about joining one of those Keep Sonics Here groups, if only because I have some free time and maybe I can meet women.

Frequent commentor Nate, have a safe trip over from New York with your new bride. Colin and I have an offer for you once you get here.

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