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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time to Wave Goodbye

The moment we've been semi-dreading for two years has finally come to pass... Howard Schultz and friends have sold our Seattle SuuuuuperSonics to the highest bidder, a team of Oklahoma City businessmen. While the buyers have already proclaimed their intentions of keeping the Sonics in Seattle through discussions with Renton and Bellevue, I think the writing is on the wall. The Sonics will be gone. With the love-fest the Hornets received last season in Oklahoma City the city showed itself ready for prime-time major sports, and I don't really see there being any way the Sonics stick around. Mayor Greg Nickels and the morons with "Spend Our Money on Better Things" have already made it clear that the Sonics aren't important to the long term future of Seattle (apparently it's better to waste billions on a failed monorail system or nothing but talk on replacing the Viaduct instead). Bellevue and Renton are growing and the East Side does have plenty of voters with cash, but do we truly believe they will be able to push across a taxpayer funded new building?

I think this whole situation should be a huge warning for the NBA. After years of doom and gloom scenarios for MLB, it appears that our thinking should have been focused elsewhere.

Here's Gavin's highly speculative economic theory surrounding the NBA at this time. I think the NBA can only be truly successful when it is either in a large media center like New York or Los Angeles or in a city like San Antonio when it's the only game in town. Let's face it, the NBA is the third of the major sports. The NFL and MLB have it beat easily. In Seattle it is no contest. Everyone just waits for the Hawks to be good and put the Sonics on the backburner. Even Husky basketball is now bigger. Colin was telling me that in Phoenix the FSN broadcast of Diamondback games was still outdrawing Suns playoff games during the first round. You think that would be the same if the positions were reversed? Portland, by the way, is a special case, where an organization pissed away one of the most rabid fan bases in America through systematically drafting/hiring/signing social rejects. It does bring up another point, though, that even in those smaller cities like Oklahoma City and Portland who would love to focus their energy on a pro team to call their own, that if that team isn't competitive for years, they may not have the overall financial stability to keep the team profitable, while James Dolan and the Knicks have more money than they apparently know what to do with.

What does this mean for us as fans? I'm a little ambivalent, as the Crushed Optimists have never been shy about our overall distaste for the NBA. Still, it's a fairly depressing turn of events. With Portland's future also up in the air, the Northwest has to begin to look to a future of UW and Gonzaga basketball for our fix.

Perhaps I'll be proven wrong. I'm just not optimistic at this time.

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